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St. Louis Update

30 - Updated!

Hip Hop Nutcracker! Now with more info!!

We saw The Hip Hop Nutcracker at The Fabulous Fox Theatre! And, wow, what a theatre!


Incredible on the outside...


Mind-blowing on the inside. That isn't even the half of it... our seats were quite high my phone was supposed to be off, but I couldn't help it.

Anyway, reviews were mixed. Kate was tired and not all that into it*. I liked it a lot... closer would have been better.

Here's a little clip/blurb from a few years ago, but it's exactly the show we saw.

*Instead of HHN, we could have gone to concerts by Nathaniel Rateliff, Bob Seger, or Kenny G... heehee.

And that's a NaBloPoMo wrap.


Robby H.

OK, you're going to have to cough up more than that about the Hip Hop Nutcracker. Inquiring minds want to know!


Yes, what's up with this? I want to know more. Hip Hop might make me want to see the Nutcrakcer again!


lol - I thought I wasn't seeing the photo, or the video from my phone ... but apparently not :-) (still, yes 30! yay you!!)

Robby H.

I've seen a couple of really fabulous performances of the original, so this looks like it might be fun. And, OMG, can you imagine the reaction in Moscow to this version? Thanks for taking the time to fill us in here, twice.


The theater looks fabulous and the show looks like a blast!!


We have a Fox Theater in Atlanta and it looks the same! sadly, we don't have Hip Hop Nutcracker! (but the classic version was part of our holiday tradition when the girls were younger.)

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