I'm 60 today!


That's kind of crazy, no? It sure feels crazy to me! Also a blurry photo... but of the 14,000 that I took and the 7 or 8 that I kept, I kind of like it (and it's different from the one posted elsewhere).

Kate & I took a quick trip to Minneapolis... stopping in/around Marshfield, WI, on the way to visit my Aunt Carol (my godmother). I'd hoped to visit with Aunt Arlene, too, but a doc appointment interfered. One of these days... (and maybe I have the motivation now to organized a larger get together).


After a quick bowl-of-soup lunch at The Kitchen Table, we were on our way...


Kate had booked our room at the Crown Plaza Downtown and our room opened to a lovely (even in the cold & rain) patio!

We went to a fabulous restaurant called BANK, that's actually located in a former bank.


It was AMAZING!!


As were our meals. Kate had duck, which she counts among her Top 5 Most Memorable Meals, and I had salmon and must say the same!


Also fabulous cocktails and stellar service. RECOMMEND.

Then we walked over to the concert venue (everything was within walking distance, which was nice... even if in the cold & rain).

Gregory Alan Isakov! It was a sold-out show, I heard. I believe it... it was crowded and SO HOT!!


But so worth it. He is as good in person as on vinyl (or however you take it), if not better. I love it that way!! The band was excellent. I really loved it.


It was a super dreary (cold & rain) drive home, but we planned on a few stops and added a couple more along the way.

On the way out of Minneapolis-St. Paul, we stopped at a couple of thrift stores... one in each city.


Kate scored some really great shoes... I found some knitting needles, sewing notions, and a Blue Willow plate (for the elusive mosaic projects that will happen one of these days).

Also shown are a pair of pansy pillowcases and a hank of sport-weight hand-spun alpaca yarn from a stop at Nueske's/District No. 3 Antiques (not shown: smoked pork chops), a traditional box of chocolates and a watercolor card from Rusty.


He also framed my Peter Ribbick print of Portencross Castle! Now I just need to find a place to hang it.

I've been having a blast with birthday wishes all day long, which has helped to ease the anxiety of the Election Day portion of my 60th birthday. I've been happy, if not surprised (given all the amazing and wonderful people who comprise my Friend lists) to see all of the "I Voted" stickers today! The polls close in an hour, and I just hope hope hope for a very blue birthday!

Here's to 61 and beyond!  ;)



Happy Birthday! It looks like a truly amazing 60th birthday and I so hope you get the blue part of your birthday!


Happy Happy Birthday!! I'm so glad you are having a great one! Hope you get your birthday wish! (I did go vote!)

Debbie Kuppusamy

Hope your birthday was as Blue as possible!!!! We'll see in the morning. Fingers crossed.


Happy birthday! Your trip sounded like lots of fun and your picture looks great! Loved the hairdo. Have a great year.


Happy Birthday and I too hope you get your Blue birthday wish.


Happy 60th Birthday! You got some blue so we can definitely celebrate that!


Best wishes! I must say you are giving 60 a great look! and what a wonderful celebration (including the Blue wins!) (Sara's birthday is November 4 and she hates when election day falls on her day.)


It looks like your birthday wish came true, at least in part! You look fantastic! 60 has a way of creeping up on you and you wear it well. xo


Happy belated birthday!
Blue is nice!


I am so glad that Wisconsin gave you such an awesome birthday gift! WOOO! (and here is to a simply magnificent year!)


What a wonderful birthday adventure! I hope it continues all year long!

Cris Bjork

Hope you had a very happy birthday. You do make 60 look quite good I must say! So good that you were able to enjoy such great music, food and good company to begin the celebration.

Barbara S

Happy Birthday! You look great!


Happy belated Blue Birthday and you look fabulous!!!


I have eaten at The Bank! It's the old Farmer's and Mechanic's Savings Bank, which I also remember.

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