3TT: Randomly (sort of)

Thing 1

It's getting real around here. I saw snow on the ground on our way to MN on Monday (not much of it, but still... on the ground) and it looks like I might wake up to about an inch tomorrow, with another inch falling in the morning hours. That's a lot better than the 3-6" I'd seen in the forecast earlier today. YUCK, no matter how many or few inches!

Thing 2

We've started the conversation about Christmas around here! Specifically, that at least some of us are going to be drawing names again. We did that for years and I think it started to fade when Sharon died and, for sure, everything about Christmas changed after my mom died. This year, I already know that Thanksgiving is going to be very low key (possibly one of those "lasagna" Thanksgivings) but I'm thinking it might be a FULL-ON CHRISTMAS!!

Thing 3

I've even started some Christmas knitting for the kiddos!

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I love snow. I wish we would get some. Although it is supposed to get below freezing this weekend.


I'm not sure who will be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas here; we might do more celebrating together in January! But I've also started some Christmas knitting. It's not like me to be ahead of the game, but it will be nice to be ready if all goes according to plan!


We are desperately wishing for snow (even if I don't really want it) because we need water! It's damn cold, but NO snow in the forecast, for like ever! Shhh, I'm doing a tiny bit of Christmas knitting. Thanksgiving will be about family. Christmas will be about friends!

Robby H.

Oh dear, I knew there was something being overlooked as we plan a surgery, a graduation, a commissioning and a wedding all before the end of the year. Christmas... it does come on the same day every year, doesn't it?


I think we will have a low key Thanksgiving too, and that is alright with me!

But, snow... yes, we have some in our forecast too! Bah!


I woke up to snow this morning. It's not much, really, but it's ON THE GROUND and still falling. We're doing the low-key Thanksgiving this year, too. No kids at home this year, and Tom is traveling on Thanksgiving Day (for a fishing trip; back to Argentina). XO


Our Thanksgiving will be the usual, dinner at our friends, and then all the kids here over the weekend for Thanksmas. I do love this time of year!


Big doin's for both holidaze here but...Dan will be home for the entire week at Christmas so that will be fabulous! Christmas knitting...you're a brave soul! :-)


We'll be over at Colin & Mailing's as usual...but it will be smaller and quieter than normal as her parents will be in China. Christmas will find us all back at their place again (they love hosting the holidays!!).


We sent Sara photos of Wisconsin, Kansas City and St Paul this morning ... all covered in snow. Needless to say, she's not missing it! Katie and I finally talked Thanksgiving plans last night - no lasagne, but pretty low key (well, as low-key as two little boys will let us be) - but Christmas still seems WEEKS away (ha! at least six, right?)

Robin Fremer

I keep waiting for fall. It is in the 80's here. I like seeing snow but not driving or walking in it.
My Thanksgiving will be just me and a friend at a restaurant (can't get lower key than that). Enjoy your holidays. I'm sure the grands will make it fun.

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