Two for Tuesday
My sweet sister


Oh, friends, it has been A WEEK! I hit a wall last night, and that's having skipped out on two holiday get-togethers this week (basically opting for in-house/family get-togethers, instead). Today was my day off and I slept (more or less) until 9:30 am!

On Tuesday, the girls all gathered at my house in the afternoon for a Cookie Day!


I made sure to snap some photos of bakers/helpers before they all ran off. Does Malina seem a bit interested in the vino??? Maddy is used to being outnumbered by gingers, but it's not usually 4 to 1!!


Viv loves to cook and is darn good at putting together an appetizer tray, too. She and Maddy have not only been doing lots of cooking, but lots of clean up, too, so we're a little spoiled at the moment.

Last night was Ali's holiday party for KC&T and I watched the big kids. After a bit of a melt-down over underwear... in which Junah had two little accidents (waiting too long!) and I didn't have anymore undies, and he didn't want to wear any of mine nor Rusty's nor go commando (tho he did at least finally try) (and had I had sweatpants instead of overalls)... and finally agreed to be wrapped in a towel while I ran a "quick cycle" in the washer... they decorated some cookies. Whew!

Maddy & Viv have departed for MN, where they'll be visiting friends and also delivering Maddy's Subaru to its new owner!

I spent the day starting to get things under control around here after a few weeks of inattention, and am looking forward to/needing this weekend to really get things in shape!

I hope you have a great weekend!


Robin F

you've definately earned a restful weekend. Malina looked determined to have a taste of the 'juice'.
Pix of the cookies? how many kinds did you make? The antipasto tray looks so yummy, I wanted to reach into the monitor for a taste.


What great group photos, Vicki - only wish we'd seen you, too! Malina's got The Best hair (glad Ali's genes finally came through!)


I was thinking - look at all those redheads in that photo! And Viv's cheese tray looks awesome!


What fun! And, I am with Carole... those redheads are so beautiful!


That appetizer tray looks so appetizing! I'm going to copy Viv. Love all the redheads. ONLY in your house could that happen. LOL


All those lovely redheads! I hope you whip everything into shape and still have time to do some things that you enjoy!


Beautiful pics and I'm hoping you had a restful weekend!

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