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Year in Review: 2018

Instagram Top 9* of 2018

Unsolicited, and a couple of weeks ago already, Facebook presented me with "Your Year on Facebook," and Spotify sent my "2018 in Music" facts... triggering an avalanche of The Best of All The Things, including...

The Top Nine from my personal Instagram:

2ffpn6ajam2c00000000000_ _ _ _ _

Obviously, we had a new baby in the family! In something of a take-over, Malina is the subject of more than half of my photos. Rounded out with some good health news, turning 60, a cool Alabama Chanin-ish shirt made without sewing a single stitch (not that I mind the sewing), designating my sister's vintage Vogue/Rowan sweater as my Rhinebeck Sweater... oh, and there's Ginny! There is a LOT missing from this little collage...

I also ran the Top Nine from Make.Do:


_ _ _ _ _

It's still a pretty small-scale operation, but I've amped it up a bit over the last couple of months... so I even had more than nine photos to choose from!

I also read Carole's Three On Thursday post last week wherein she lamented the onslaught of this type of thing because there is plenty of 2018 left! Yeah, I thought, you're right, but pshaaw... I'm so busy I can barely get a post up right now, much less make it a good one, and that's not likely to change by the end of the year...

And then:

4ikej1e116b000000000000_ _ _ _ _

*It did change!! I'm calling it Top 10!  ;)

New enamel pins of my yarn ball logo finally arrived and I was pretty excited about them, and so were about 35 other people - haha (it doesn't take much at this stage)! Anyway, they are so cool... a substantial but not enormous 1.25" in diameter, jewelry-grade cloisonné, with six colors of enamel and black nickel plating, and they're in the shop! Blog readers can use the code FREESHIP to get free shipping now through the end of the year -- on pins or anything!

Thank you for all your comments, encouragement, and support, and just for continuing to pop by and read!



Definitely a TOP YEAR, Vicki! So much excitement!! XOXO


SEE? You just never know what else can happen this year that might knock something out of the top nine! Hahaha. Off to order a pin!


There are so many more than nine good things, for both you and Make.Do. These are just the tip of the iceberg and I'm glad you shared!


:-) I'd say 2018 has been a VERY good year Chez Vicki! I love that you're expanding Make.Do. and look forward to more GOOD stuff to come!

Robby H.

How did I not realize your shop/biz is on IG?! Fixed that. For the record, I am not going to go try to bump something else into your top nine/ten. Although it's tempting....


These are excellent collages! I love your personal top nine - it is perfect!


We know how much more is going on that what's shown, but your top 9 certainly has the faces that are most precious! Make.Do top 9 also has some of the greatest hits, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye, too! You're going to have an incredible year if the pictures here are any indication!

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