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3TT: BuJo

Joining Carole & friends for *Three Things on Thursday

Actually, one Thing  -- a Bullet Journal -- and three photos of it.


I've never done a Bullet Journal -- or any kind of journal, really. Six pages of the diary I got for Christmas when I was 11 hardly counts.

Kay was talking about it at MDK just before Christmas -- just as I had a ton of things to keep track of -- and I decided to sort of try it out for the holidays. And I liked it. I had a "cover" with a line for each day and a bare-bones description of what was happening -- who was arriving or which celebration or where we were going. There was a section inside devoted to each day where I kept track of details -- schedules, how many for dinner, the menu. It was GREAT!!

Meanwhile, I ordered an actual journal for myself -- and one for Rusty, too, because he is a journaler from way back, and it was his birthday on the 26th!

I'm trying out a few things, but I know already that even without sketches, calligraphy, and all the other doodads, it could turn into a huge time suck and I am not about that. At all. I am well aware of all the "inspiration" to be found on Instagram and Pinterest, and have been keeping my distance!

I rather enjoyed drawing out that January/Monthly Log calendar, but I don't think I'll be doing that for every month... I have a million monthly calendars at my fingertips, and this one doesn't really seem all that useful. In fact, it'll probably make me frustrated and mad... unless I dedicate it to keeping track of one or two very specific tasks. Hm. I do have one or two specific & related tasks that I need to be reminded of... Maybe I will be doing that every month.

There's a reason that some of what I've written in this journal so far is in pencil.

The Future Log seems useful -- a simple listing, by month and at a glance, of important events/reminders.

I am very  excited about my Duolingo-Spanish log, which I just created last night, picking up with a refresher from where I left off two years ago. I plan to practice/meet my goal everyday until our vacation in Spain (designated in red)... and it looks like my subconscious chart designer decided to carry on right through to the end of the year! We'll see.

Meanwhile (bonus photos), I'm not above this sort of thing...

...format, print, cut, tape!


But I also ordered washi tape... way more than I thought! So we'll just have to see where this all goes.

I'm planning to keep track of some vacation stuff -- packing lists, reminders, a log. And house stuff -- room dimensions, paint chips, window measurements, the size of those dang furnace filters. And gift lists. And... I dunno what else! It's a book made for lists and I'm looking forward to keeping them all in one place.

Do you BuJo? I'd love to hear a little about how you use it... the thing(s) that work best for you, and those that don't!



I've been Bu-Jo-ing for ... about 4 years now. I started off all "fancy" and inspired, which quickly morphed into just your basic git-r-dun. I like the flexibility and the make-it-your-own nature of it; I don't like the fact that it takes time to get it set up each month/week -- even when it is just basic git-r-dun style. I've morphed again (last October) to a combination Bu-Jo/Traveler's Journal, which seems to be evolving well so far. My advice: Give it some time before you decide whether to keep doing it or not -- and how you want it to function.

That's great washi tape, by the way! XO

Robby H.

A part of me looks wistfully at these journals. And then there is that part of me that says, you know that preprinted monthly pocket calendar and a single sheet of the month printed out that you can make notes all over and slip in the other calendar has worked really well for a girl that likes to travel light and be efficient. I think it's the dilemma of "so customizable" v. "must create every page because it is so customizable" that keeps me from diving in. But, I await word from the Vicky/Kay BuJo front, perhaps there are things I am missing. I do know that doing it on my phone was not nearly what it was cracked up to be and lasted 6 months.


I, too, look at all the different journals and think how cool! Then I think...it's just too much work for me. I was given a "planner" when I started one job and never used it - it was annoying and big and I didn't want to carry it everywhere. Then I was given a Palm Pilot (egads! remember them?) and I never used that either...it annoyed me. I don't use the calendar on my phone either. We have a calendar on the wall in the kitchen where all our appointments go and I do use the Outlook calendar at work (because all meetings come thru that way).

BUT...I do love all the Washi tape, and yours is really neat. I'll be curious to see where everyone goes with this Bujo stuff (Kate Davies is all over it too).

Dawn in NL

Do read Kate Davies' (needled) recent posts on functional journalling. I think her approach will appeal to you.


I journal regularly (4-5 times/week) but it's a mash up of all kinds of things. Some lists, some thoughts, some long term goals, some art, some doodles. When it comes to really tracking stuff like appointments and to-do lists I'm very attached to my iPhone.


I do not BuJo, it did not fit how I worked at all - and I could not spend the time to do all the set up for each week/month...

But, that being said, I am making some changes in 2019 - one of which is how I will track my day. I don't need a "work type planner" any longer, so I am doing a modification of a BuJo in my Traveler's Planner and so far I am loving it!


Please keep experimenting and keep reporting what works for you! I've been in search of a planner that works for me for several years, but still haven't found the perfect one. I've tried BuJo and Traveler's notebooks, but always seem to get frustrated and revert back to simply writing things down in a notebook. I don't want complicated, fancy, or something I have to set up every month, just a way to keep much of my life together in one place. I'm not above stealing ideas from what works for you!


Another not BuJo-er here, but I am a dedicated journaler, list-maker and paper calendar girl. I also love washi tape and I'm just a bit jealous of that big box you ordered ;-)


For the reason you list, I am not a BuJoer. I feel it would take more time than, well, let's say, a AC t-shirt! I'm about keeping track of what needs done each day and a month-at-a-glance calendar fits well into my routine. I can keep lists of greater detail on other pages if I need to. I keep things REALLY simple and I use tons of washi tape because, well, they're fun, easy, and colorful! Make it yours! That's the mantra.

Cris Bjork

I have been using a Bullet Journal for 5 years now. Mine is very bare bones. Nothing like others have with lovely layouts or multiple colors. Kinda "just the facts ma'am" type but the best part for my use is most all of my knitting references can be found in there. I washi tape a printed yearly calendar and stick a few post-its in for quick "to-go" notes. Also use just a bit of washi tape to mark the pages where the is a collection i.e. knitting or music info. I don't have any trackers and I don't migrate much, that would make me quit pretty fast.


I've just restarted Bujo after never really getting going with it. Thanks probably to Kate Davies and the Mason-Dixon folks. I am resisting the urge to try for art and I like the idea of a place for everything. I bought the book, The Bullet Journal Method, and found the first part helpful. The second part is a rehash of lots of ideas like mindfulness which are better explained elsewhere. But the idea that grabbed me was the idea of a check-in twice a day-AM and PM. The other thing I've done is get the Bujo app. There is space to take quick notes for later transcription; they disappear in 48 hours so I've been motivated to put them in the notebook.

Can't wait to see how you get on!

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