Random Thursday with Bullets
How in the world can it be 34 years?

FO: First Finished Project of 2019

I finished the first of two belated Christmas presents last night. Monogamous knitting FTW!


Oh the DRAMA of photos taken by LED task light at o'dark-thirty on a winter morning!

I finished all but the i-cord at Knit Night, then did that part and soaked/blocked when I got home -- using my largest dinner plate! I wished for one even an inch bigger. I can't wait to get a modeled shot!


Lo and behold, as I processed this pics I noticed a mistake where a cable wasn't crossed! This would be a serious flaw in the girders of the Eiffel Tower, which inspired this design, but will have no effect on the structural integrity of this beret, and will therefore likely remain uncrossed.


Unless I can't live with myself.

At any rate, I loved knitting this and I'd definitely knit another if another beret-wearer happens along. I don't wear hats, and am especially repulsed at the thought of wearing a tam/beret myself... thanks to my mother who, year after grade-school year, forced them on my unwilling head. Maybe Kate will love and want one in a different color... because I also loved knitting this yarn!

Next up, belated Christmas present #2: Ali's socks. I did a German Twisted Cast-on last night but... I think it was too TIGHT, and not very stretchy, so I ripped it out and will try again later today. That's the stretchy cast-on y'all said you liked for socks, right??

_ _ _ _ _

On a somber note, I have been rattled this week by the news that an old knit-blog friend suffered a stroke last Friday. I can't for the life of me remember what her blog was called, but Laurie and I are roughly the same age... she is a beloved mother, daughter, teacher, and friend. We share a love of a certain bit of Oregon coastline. She'd finally moved out of ICU yesterday, but was whisked back very early this morning. Her sons will need help in aiding her recovery, so a GoFundMe: Laurie Oberg Medical Fund has been established... and, if you're able, perhaps you'll consider helping them out. And also send some good juju in the direction of Salt Lake City, UT!

_ _ _ _ _

Thanks for stopping by. ❤️ Have a terrific weekend!


Robby H.

The beret looks wonderful, and any deviation from the pattern is unlikely to be noticed in use. Hope your friend recovers as quickly as possible.


The beret is just lovely, Vicki. I'm sure it will be much appreciated by Kate -- and she'll look smashing in it! Holding Laurie in my heart . . .


Ironworks is really beautiful, and Kate will look great in it. Like you, I don't wear hats, especially berets, but this one has me wishing that I did!


My great aunt (whom I loved very dearly) always loved a beret! Me...not so much! The hat is lovely and I'm sure Kate will rock it! Prayers sent forth for your friend.


I love the beret! and I can't wait to see Kate wearing it (I had to look twice to note the uncrossed cable - in the photo you posted - if that helps). and sending up prayers fro your friend. xxoo.


Beautiful knitting (mis-crossed cable included!) Sending love to Laurie - I hope she is out of the woods soon and on the road to a full recovery!


Those cables are gorgeous and I think the beret will be fab on Kate. I was so sorry to hear about Laurie. I don't remember her blog name either but I do remember her wonderful soap. I made a donation and hope she makes a full and speedy recovery.


The beret is fabulous. Laurie started out as Green-eyed Grrl which morphed into Alarming Female (after her divorce). I am devastated by Laurie's condition, the pain of which is compounded by several other friends suffering through crisis, too. This is the worst January ever.

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