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Give Them Wings: Maddy Mo On The Go!

Originally, Maddy was to depart for Australia/New Zealand on New Year's Eve, but with the fall on Christmas, ER visit, stitches, swollen and sore, and just not quite in the best shape for such a long trip, she decided to postpone it.


Instead of heading Down Under on NYE, she ended up visiting both the dentist and the endodontist when she noticed that one of her top teeth was becoming discolored. The tooth registered zero sensitivity, and she wound up the year with a(nother*) root canal!

It's been great having her around, and we've had some wonderful family get-togethers. Yesterday, Kate baked a Victoria Sponge for our send-off dinner... which was pizza (haha)! The cake was a triumph!


The recipe was from Jamie Oliver's Great Britain cookbook, which Kate had given me for birthday or Christmas a few years ago. It was truly spectacular, and so delicious!

So, anyway, away she goes today... Maddy leaves here late this morning for Chicago, then L.A., and finally Sydney where Viv will meet her! They are going to travel and explore Australia for the next month, then Maddy will again work the vintage at Wither Hills. And then... who knows!? I do know that we won't likely see her again until next Christmas.

It was a great month despite the ER visit, stitches, and root canal!

*We're really against making this a tradition!


Robby H.

Pizza AND that spectacular cake? I would say y'all did your best to persuade her to stay. And root canals should not be an annual tradition for anyone. Wishing her a safe trip and wonderful adventures.


That cake was incredible! Good luck to Maddy on her travels. As my friend Lois always says, roots are easy; wings are hard but you're a good mom, Vicki, for letting your kids fly.


That cake is stunning and the perfect send off! Good travels to Maddy and hugs to all the home bodies as you send her off again into the world! (A world that is much richer for her being there!)


May this tradition not repeat itself ever! Happy, safe, and enjoyable travels to Maddy! Calm to you. You children are amazing! Truly you have a talented bunch. I enjoy watching your family grow, move, create and become more beautiful!


Happy New Year and safe travels to Maddy. (Oh an entire year!) That cake is Food Network worthy! :-)


Oh, THAT CAKE!!!! It looks too good to eat . . . (well. no. I'd eat it.) Best wishes and bon voyage to Maddy! It's so hard when they're so far away. But. That's how we raised 'em! So it's all good. XO


Maddy clearly has strong wings and places to go. It makes me sad that you won't see her until next Christmas, but I'm glad for technology that will hopefully allow you to keep in touch. Wishing her all the best (and you, too)!

P.S. That cake is beautiful and amazing!


Oh that CAKE!!! I'm salivating right now.

As others have said, you've done so well in raising your children - they are all happy and talented and lovely. Yay to Maddy for adventuring off - wishing her safe and fun travels (and NO medical issues). I'm hoping she might blog again???


The extra good memories as a result of the fall will warm hearts during Maddy's absence. Safe travels and fun adventures dear Maddy. Vicki, I'm sure the grands will keep you smiling til Maddy returns. That cake looks amazing! I will have to look for the recipe online.


Maddy's sendoff meal sounds like one I'd love for any special dinner, too! Loved your December 1SE - here's to making only the GOOD stuff "traditions" :-)

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