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How in the world can it be 34 years?

Thirty-four years ago today (also a Sunday) at Cape Kiwanda, Pacific City, OR:


Innocent babes get married! Heehee.


This is my 34th Wedding Anniversary card. Rusty often paints me cards for special occasions... someday I'm going to have to have a retrospective, because they're pretty great! This one is obviously neither to scale nor geographically correct... there's a big emphasis on Spain & England!!


All the important reservations (airline, lodging, car) have been made, the itinerary has been roughed in, and now it's the fun part... figuring out where we might want to go, see & explore, and where to EAT! Based on our destinations, I am predicting a heavy emphasis on seafood.

We are looking forward to visiting & vacationing with Annie & her family in Valencia during Las Fallas in March (with all of us going on a side trip to Galicia -- the "Atlantic Northwest" -- to escape some of the early noise & hubbub), and a leg to Cornwall for a few days on the way home.

I love having something to look forward to!


Amy C

Happy Anniversary! That looks like an amazing trip, indeed, perhaps you can make a yarny detour to two along the way.


You have some wonderful travel time in your future! Our 39th is Friday and we're going all the way to Park City for dinner! Happy Anniversary, Vicki and Rusty!! You two know how to celebrate!


Happy Anniversary! That card is a fabulous symbol of your life together and your upcoming trip - sounds like it's all a wonderful adventure!

Robby H.

Congratulations! I might add that you must have a fabulous art collection if that postcard is at all representative.


Happy Anniversary! and I must say I'm looking very forward to tagging along on your trip (I only wish I could also enjoy the food that same way :-)


Happy Anniversary! (Innocent babes, indeed!) Have a wonderful day today. And - oh, wow! That trip looks ALL KINDS OF AWESOME. Can't wait!


Happy anniversary you two love birds. Here's to 34 more wonderfull years.


Happy anniversary to you two! I love that you were an Oregon Coaster, too.


Happy Anniversary to you and Rusty! What an amazing card and what an amazing trip! I can't wait to see photos from your journeys!


A long time ago I read that in order to be happy, a person needed 1, someone to love, B, something to do, and iii, something to look forward to. Sounds like you have all three!


Woo Hoo! Happy Anniversary (Belated!) and here's to a terrific trip! That card is so special.

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