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Today in Microfashion


Our Ginny girl, stylin' and stayin' warm!!

On the heels of brisk & clear moon-gazing days is the first major snowstorm of the season... and every time I look, the predicted snowfall grows! There could be a foot (and counting).



I know for a fact that I am not going to see one thing better than this today! Hi Ginny and thanks Vicki!

Robby H.

Those leggings are like a ray of sunshine! It's gotten really cold here, too.


She's so adorable! Hope you get a snow day that doesn't interfere with any plans!


She is sooo cute! We got only 1" of snow. At least the ground is no longer bare.


Oh my goodness, she is the best. The sweater is a nice bit of sunshine too, appropriate for her. Good luck with the snow!

Amy C

Who could be cold in the face of all that awesome cheeriness!


Ditto what Patty said - I am positive I will not see anything cuter than Ginny today! She is styling and rocking those awesome leggings!

Stay warm!


She couldn't look any sweeter, y'know? And . . . she's One Smart Cookie! Tights-under-your-dress is my favorite stay-warm trick. Enjoy the snow, Vicki! (For some reason, we've got freezing rain!!! Although it's supposed to turn to snow at some point. . . ) XO


oh my LOVE LOVE LOVE! she is stylin' indeed ... and while I'm glad we won't be seeing snow in the next few days, I do wish I had some tie-dyed leggings to wear with boots under a tunic and a hand knit sweater. Stay warm!


She COULD NOT be cuter! I love it when kids do there own thing! Her hair is looking good, too!


OMG - Gin just cracks me the hell up. She is a riot, a ray of sunshine and she's got spunk! She is definitely stylin'.

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