Unraveled Wednesday: 2018
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Unraveled Wednesday: 2018 Wrap

Joining Kat & the Unravelers... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


I started & finished 19 items in 2018, with the exception of "Habu for Me" which was started in 2009!


  • Two hats
  • Two adult cardigans
  • Four infant/toddler cardigans
  • Two shawls -- somehow missing from the photo array is "Summer Camp"
  • Three pairs of mukluk slippers
  • One pair of socks
  • One pair of mitts
  • Four gnomes

Four items started & not finished or abandoned in 2018:

  • Water (still working on it)
  • Lunar Phase (abandoned) - interesting design, just not for me. (But what a great enamel pin!)
  • Morvarch (in the future file) - love this design
  • Parallelogram (in time out, likely to be abandoned/frogged) - my wrist/arm/elbow can't take the repetitive motion. I've been considering that I may need to make some changes to the way I knit.*

Details (more or less) on all of the above on my Ravelry page: I am knitorious!

To start the new year, I cast on Kate's Ironworks Beret (for Christmas 2018) and as soon as I finish that, I'll knit Ali's socks (also for Christmas 2018).


I read 15 books last year, which is 10 less than I'd hoped for... and it's a stretch to call at least one of them a "book."


I am still reading Fashion Climbing: A Memoir with Photographs by Bill Cunningham, and have recently made a point of reading a few pages every night! I have a couple in wait, including My Brilliant Friend, which I received from Carolyn K. as part of this season's Jólabókaflóðið exchange, once again brilliantly organized by Susan!

I'm still listening to Tom Hanks read Uncommon Type: Some StoriesI am enjoying the book and stories and like Tom Hanks' voice... I don't know why I'm not listening more. I sped it up a bit last week and have been trying to get back into the habit of listening during my commute.

I've set a goal of 20 books for 2019... and will just see how it goes!

*I continue to "feel" my shoulder injury, which occurred on Sept. 1st; there seems to be continued improvement overall, which I credit to early treatment, and mostly to my husband for his willingness to work on my shoulder/arm for about 10 minutes every single morning. Some days are better than others -- it's not only shoulder discomfort, but elbow & forearm as well. I haven't knit for long stretches in one sitting for quite a while, but I don't seem to be experiencing very much knitting-related discomfort... except when I do ribbing!



This is a great summary of your knitting and reading in 2018!

Robby H.

I'm sorry that the shoulder issues are lingering, perhaps 2019 will banish them. Seems like a pretty productive year for someone who gets to enjoy regular time with favorite little people and all the other things you do that enrich your life. I think some of our pet hobbies and habits go through seasons of energy and being fallow, pretty normal stuff. And you didn't even include the move towards expanding Make.Do! Wishing you all the best in 2019!


I think one of the symptoms of GAS* is little time left for reading or other knitting. No worries; they are all adorable (especially the one with the giant pom)!
*Gnome Addiction Syndrome


I'd say you got a ton done with all your other activities! Sorry to hear your shoulder is still bothersome. Here's to quick healing in 2019.


I can't believe how much knitting you were able to do -- despite a major injury AND a new grandbaby!! You were incredibly productive this year. And with regard to the books? It really doesn't matter how MANY books we read, y'know? It's all about the enjoyment we get out of reading them! Your book list includes several really interesting titles -- and one of my favorites of the year: Calypso.

Here's to a great 2019, Vicki!

Caffeine Girl

I can't seem to keep track of books or knitting by year, so I admire those of you who do.
I struggle with idea of setting a goal for the number of books because they vary so much in length!


Gnomes are in my future! :)

I hope you continue to heal from your injury.

I also enjoyed Tom Hanks reading his stories.


Your making is amazing Vicki! I especially love the things you made for your grandchildren!


Such a nice summary of knitting and reading. And if you accomplished it with an injury - wow. I love that blue and white shawl.


You do a lot of fun knitting, but also add stylish sweaters to your wardrobe. You have good balance in your choices. It's difficult to fit the many endeavors we pursue into a day/week/year. Sometimes just deciding what to do next can be daunting. Listening to books helps me add to my tally, but I've found ways to take it mobil. Walking the dog, cleaning the house (not done very often), running errands, and knitting are when I listen most often. I hope by doing what you're doing you'll find the pain of your shoulder easing. Ribbing is a challenge with shoulder issues and it's one reason I am careful about the knitting choices I make. xox


What a great 2018 - in spite of injuries - wow!! (I am also going to rip Parallelogram ... but plan to reknit it - so probably not a solution for you!)

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