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Weekending: Super Wolf Blood Moon

It was VERY cold (1ºF), but I couldn't help it! That cold temperature meant that the sky was crystal clear... and how often is there a Super Wolf Blood Moon??


These are not-so-great photos from my phone, but not bad considering... I love the colors of the moon and how it looks sort of painted.

I hope you had a great weekend! Other than having the kids for a while on Saturday afternoon/evening while Kate & Al went on a "sister date," I just sort of plunked along... not quite at 100% yet, but slowly improving. I predict that by the time Friday -- and the start of a 3-day weekend -- rolls around, I'll be feelin' fine.  :)



Spectacular photos, Vicki! I hope you are feeling MUCH BETTER and soon! XO


I stayed in my warm bed and did not go out and look at the moon so I'm very thankful for your photos.


I was fast asleep, so grateful to those of you who showed me what I missed! thank you!


Wasn't that moon just AWESOME? We could see it clearly from our back patio door, so enjoyed the show from INSIDE. Which was super nice. Because so. freakin. cold. What a treat to have such a cold, clear night for viewing. XO


We had a storm coming in, but luckily there was a break in the clouds about 3/4 of the way through. I walked Mylo and kept stopping to watch the moon. He could not figure out why I kept looking at the sky. By the time we got back Smith was standing with the neighbors watching the sky. I got Mylo in and we thought I had made it back just in time, but it took about 20 minutes before eclipse. It wasn't quite as orange as your photo shows, but it was close. We ended up with six neighbors just visiting, laughing, watching, and howling! lol


Love these pictures! I missed it. Storms and sleep - lol


Thanks for the pictures of the moon. I was in bed with pneumonia and missed it. Hope you are doing better.


I took a couple of very cold peeps out my front door and saw part of the eclipse. Your pics are great. Here's to feeling better!

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