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Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

1 -- With the help of my fashion consultant, Kate, I ordered new glasses yesterday! I went to a new place because... long story. It's very close to work, though, and they let me take some frames home to try/get opinions. I was OK with the couple that I brought home, but knew that I could use another set of (better) eyes to help me choose. My consultant will soon be leaving for an extended period, so I grabbed her while I could! They're going to be my first pair of Transition* lenses... and I sure hope I like that! I was assured that if I truly hated them, they'd re-grind.

*ETA: Transition sunglasses. I've never had anything but no-line bifocals since that became part of my prescription.

Speaking of glasses, as I wiped mine off for the zillionth time the other day, I thought a) wouldn't it be cool if they could make lenses out of Gorilla Glass? And b) if I could use that amazing liquid screen protector stuff on them?

2 -- We welcome our second Airbnb guests tomorrow night, a couple on a weekend get-away from Milwaukee -- another "reason" that we never considered! We usually get away to there! Haha.


3 -- My gorgeous amaryllis is fading but still gorgeous... and there's so much promise!!



The days are getting longer y'all! We're up to over 11 hours of daylight (and gaining every single day)! There's reason to open the blinds when I get up in the morning now. The colors were so soft and beautiful at dawn today, and then I noticed that the moon was still hanging there, too.

Have a great Thursday!



Love your morning picture - beautiful and your amaryllis is gorgeous! I'm sure the new guests will just love your Air BnB - such an inviting space. Good luck with the glasses. I've had nothing but transition lenses since I needed bifocals years ago. I love them and have had no issues.

Jeannie Gray

You'll love the transitional lenses although it will take a day or two to get used to them. They are very '60's acid tripy at first. Once your eyes and brain get together on where to look in order to see the distance you are trying to see, they are wonderful!


I've never had transition lenses (preferring my steady-freddy contact lenses + cheaters), but Tom has them -- and never had any issue adjusting to them. I'll bet Kate helped you find some great frames! Your amaryllis is beautiful (magical, even!), and your apartment space is just perfect for visitors to your neck of the woods. XO


I love the idea of transition lenses - but I am having a hard time transitioning to multi-vision lenses. My eyes prefer cheaters like Kym.

Your amaryllis is gorgeous! And, it does look like it has much more to bloom!


Looking forward to seeing your new frames! I love my Transitions, but have had the same frames for years. Maybe I need (want, really) some new ones, too! Artist's Perch seems like the perfect name for your Airbnb. And lastly, your amaryllis is stunning! Lots of flower stalks, loads of blossoms, more to come, and I love that close-up photo!

Robby H.

I always want a "second opinion" when I'm getting new glasses. The longer days are glorious, and I'm trying to not think to hard about the upcoming change in which my morning light goes away again for a few weeks.


I always surprise myself when I see myself in the mirror with my reading glasses - I fear transition ones would make me too alarmed!
AirB&B is getting to be a more favorite way to stay these days, especially with kids. More room to run or wander around, whatever the size is nicer than one room. And a view! Whatever that may be too.


I LOVE my transition lenses! One caveat, the do not darken enough in the car and I bought a pair of sunglasses for car use. But, when out and about the transitions are fantastic. They take a little longer to lighten again, but are still pretty fast as getting back to normal. Your amaryllis is really elegant and delicate. I love looking at its lines.


I LOVE my transition sunglasses! (just have to be careful about taking that last sip of coffee - head tilted back - while driving ;-)


I hate the transition lenses. As a quilter they had a residual color that skewed colors on fabrics. And they never got dark enough for outside use. I use trifocals for indoor glasses since progressive ones have a narrower field of vision. And I get my sunglasses as dark as possible with only distance and mid vision. hope you like your new glasses. I want the magic stuff that they have at optomitrists that they can dip glasses in and get them spotless.


Can’t wait for longer daylight hours! Posting to compliment your morning pic.

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