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Snow day!

Experience and Patience

I tried to "have a word" once -- maybe twice -- and it never went anywhere. I know there's not right way or wrong way to do that, but for it to really mean anything it takes commitment in a bunch of ways that I'm just not good at.

Every once in a while, a word crosses my eyeballs and I think, "That could be a contender."

This morning there were two, discovered as I was perusing a compilation of ancestors' marriage records, and they go so well together!

Experience and Patience.

Experience Ellis, 1687-1750, one of my great x7 grandmothers.

Patience Martin, 1684-1722, one of my great x8 grandmothers.

Likely Puritans in the tree! Aren't those the greatest names? Experience and Patience... things I use, to varying degree (and sometimes take for granted), every single day!

_ _ _ _ _

I enjoyed a fairly low-key weekend.

It was cold but sunny on Saturday, and I accompanied Kate on an outing to hit some thrift shops in Green Bay... for no particular reason, though we have finally published the apartment listing on Airbnb and there are a few not-urgent things on that list. In less than a week we've already had some inquiries and even a booking that was later canceled! Plans change... sometimes quickly!



I am just a little bit sorry that I left this on the shelf. There was something like this in my childhood memory, but I'm not sure of its origin. My mom did paint by number back in the day, and it's possible she did "elegant mosaic craft" as well!


Fun fact: there was a dedicated Green Bay Packers section in just about every shop we visited!

Rod was half of a duo playing nearby on Saturday night, and I watched the kids while Ali & Kate went to see the show.


Jün & Gin had brand new washcloths (Superman & Elsa) and toys from a stop at the dollar store, so naturally we filled the tub with bubbles! Look at that baby... she pulled herself up to peer into the tub several times, to join in the giggling.

I managed a little dyeing on both days (it sure helps to put it as a to-do on my calendar), made a a couple of nice dinners, continued my DuoLingo streak (24-going-on-25 days!), did a little book work, and a little knitting (so close with Ali's socks). I didn't get to anything sewing-related, as hoped, but it'll all still be there...

I hope you had a good weekend!


Robby H.

I recognize the wisdom and the beauty of some of those old names, but it would have been wasted effort to name me "Patience".

Isn't the easiest KonMari project the one where you admire the item in the thrift shop and then have the ability to ponder what might have been without having to find a place for it? Maybe it's just me that finds that the most successful KonMari technique. : )


I love those names! And those grandkids of yours - they are growing too fast - kinda like mine!


I just want to say I'm glad Mary and Kathryn were the family names in the generations just behind me. NO WAY I could've been a Patience or (yikes!) an Experience :-)

I LOVE how little Malina isn't shy about getting into the action with her siblings. in fact I think she's more than ready for it!


I do love Patience and Experience as names! One of my walking routes goes through a cemetery and I like to tell myself stories about the people buried there. I pass a headstone with three sisters named Verity, Amity, and Patience. I forget the year that they died, but they were all young and within the same year. But what great names!

Your tub pictures are adorable, and you got a lot of good things accomplished over the weekend. I hope it's a good week, too!


Thanks for bringing up that that odd memory of "wall art" made with what resembled aquarium gravel. Falls into that unusual category along with harlequin pixies back in the day.
The little one here that turns one the same week as Malina is pulling herself up on everything too.


Those names are just amazing! And, those kiddos make me smile!


Oh yes! My mother did one or two of the "mosaic" pieces, but the "stone" didn't really stay put and they became rather tacky looking within a short time. She did well with paint by number, which I remember so fondly. Love your ancestors names. They seem quite "Jane Austin". The kiddos are just too fun, so cute to watch and I love Malina's face!


Love the names Patience and Experience (and so glad neither are my name!!). One of my favorites from my family history is Fidelia. Looks like you had a great weekend. Those kids are just so.darn.CUTE!!


Those names would never fit me or my daughters. Bathtime looks like fun for all. Malina looks like she wants 'in' on the fun.

Amy C

My sister’s name is Faith, and I have a very good friend, Patience. I don’t think either one has ever thought the name really suits them.
Adorable bath-time pictures!

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