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3TT: So long, February

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

1 -- With the help of my fashion consultant, Kate, I ordered new glasses yesterday! I went to a new place because... long story. It's very close to work, though, and they let me take some frames home to try/get opinions. I was OK with the couple that I brought home, but knew that I could use another set of (better) eyes to help me choose. My consultant will soon be leaving for an extended period, so I grabbed her while I could! They're going to be my first pair of Transition* lenses... and I sure hope I like that! I was assured that if I truly hated them, they'd re-grind.

*ETA: Transition sunglasses. I've never had anything but no-line bifocals since that became part of my prescription.

Speaking of glasses, as I wiped mine off for the zillionth time the other day, I thought a) wouldn't it be cool if they could make lenses out of Gorilla Glass? And b) if I could use that amazing liquid screen protector stuff on them?

2 -- We welcome our second Airbnb guests tomorrow night, a couple on a weekend get-away from Milwaukee -- another "reason" that we never considered! We usually get away to there! Haha.


3 -- My gorgeous amaryllis is fading but still gorgeous... and there's so much promise!!



The days are getting longer y'all! We're up to over 11 hours of daylight (and gaining every single day)! There's reason to open the blinds when I get up in the morning now. The colors were so soft and beautiful at dawn today, and then I noticed that the moon was still hanging there, too.

Have a great Thursday!

Right Now: March ahead

It's been ages since I've done this!

Anticipating... Sunday night and the OSCARS! But first, tomorrow is Day 2 of the Best Picture Festival: The Favourite, Vice, Black Panther, and Bohemian Rhapsody, along with the Animated Shorts.

Celebrating... the approaching end of February -- less than a week to go!

Excited about... March! I am so ready.

Itching to... put some catch-up book work behind me, and I'm getting close!


Looking forward to... VACATION!!

Three weeks from today we'll be exploring Costa de Morte along the Galician coast in Spain -- the "Atlantic Northwest."


I have my International Driving Permit, our Airbnb is booked, and I am ready!!

Needing... to get some footwear suitable for traipsing around the "Atlantic Northwest." I'm really in need of some waterproof/hiking shoes. We're going to be traveling very light, and footwear is always the most challenging part of that situation.


Planning... "DYE" days. I've only missed one calendar date so far!

Sewing... Nothing, really, at the moment -- at least not actively. I have dreams, though. I might bring a small Alabama Chanin project on vacation for Annie & me, and possibly for a friend of hers.

Watching... Soundbreaking. I happened upon E4 by chance once night on PBS as I was actually turning off the TV but was immediately hooked and stayed up to watch it all!

"Music has been a constant in human history, an intermingling of voice and instrument that for all its local variation and increasing sophistication nevertheless endured in more or less the same form for centuries. Then came recording––and music was forever transformed. Soundbreaking, an eight-part event television series, traces this ongoing sonic revolution, and explores the nexus of cutting-edge technology and human artistry that has created the soundtrack of our lives."

Wondering... What's up in your world?

Wishing... you a Happy Weekend!!

Life in the crazy lane

There isn't usually much idle time in my world, but sometimes things really rev up for one reason or another, and I feel like this is one of those times. I'm a go-go all the time-o!

Thankfully, I know that this, too, shall pass. So, I'm cruisin'...

I had off last Friday and started with an early morning eye exam, followed by a visit to my chiropractor, and then zipped home to gather up Gin & Jün and jump into Kate's car for a trip to The Big City! Our destination was the Milwaukee Public Museum.


This fascinating if graphic exhibit, punctuated by special effects of the thunderstorm variety, was... endlessly fascinating to these two! And, hopefully, not too traumatizing!

No, wait, it was the ESCALATORS that were even more fascinating. Haha!


I can't believe I'd never been to this museum before!!


We also enjoyed the butterfly exhibit. And this ^^^ was just incredible to see!

The museum also has an "Old Milwaukee" exhibit with a trolley car, cobblestone streets, and shops. It morphs into the "European Village" exhibit wherein each house, room, or shop is decorated in the traditional manner of a different country.


I was more than delighted to see plentiful knitting in the Latvian Room!


There was also knitting in the Irish House. You can see just a bit of a spinning wheel to the left. And I noticed St. Brigid's Cross on the wall as I cropped the photo! There was knitting/spinning evident in other rooms, too.

The kiddos stayed overnight on Friday because Rod had a gig out of town that came with a free hotel room, so Ali spent her first night without the kids in nearly 11 months! (The other grandparents had the baby.)

Saturday was Day 1 of the Best Picture Festival, which began with a screening of all the nominated Live Action Shorts. Holy moly. The BPF wraps up this Saturday and begins with screening the Animated Shorts. They had adorable "OSCAR" statues made of balloons flanking the theater entrance, and handed out ballots at the end of the evening so we can all play along at home.

In other news, I'm knitting a sweater for Malina.


It's in Malabrigo's WASHTED which I purchased at my new LYS, Casting On. If the sweater is a little bit big -- perhaps fitting her sister -- I won't really mind. I did rip & re-do the sleeves last night, though, as it looked as though I was knitting for a baby gorilla!


Lastly, I'm going to blast you with amaryllis photos. There are four flowers in full bloom and another just opening. There is also another bud coming up.


This plant is much smaller and daintier than the big ones I'm used to from the grocery store or wherever. It's just stunning. In the last photo, you can see two bud stalks from the larger plant that have also finally started to grow. So exciting.

Our Airbnb guest checked in on Monday and sent me a wonderful message about how beautiful the place was and she could move right in... that's always the stick by which we measure, too! Whew.

I can hardly believe we're mid-week and March is right around the corner. Ya-freakin'-hoo.

3TT: To Do

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...


Thing 1: It's Go Time! I mentioned the other day that we published Kate's/the upstairs apartment on Airbnb, and that there had been some interest.


It's been nine days, we've had eight inquiries, and we are so surprised! Of those:

  • One canceled booking by a woman whose son attending a nearby university would be recovering from outpatient surgery; upon further review, it turns out a traditional hotel (with long walkable hallways) would be better suited for his post-op needs.
  • Two declined bookings: one because the apartment wasn't suitable (she didn't read the listing limitations); the other because of too short notice!
  • Two that weren't possible: one because the number of guests suddenly increased and exceeded our capacity; another was a pre-approved request for dates that someone else snagged before it was accepted!
  • One pre-approved, awaiting confirmation.


There are two confirmed bookings! The first one is for Monday-Friday -- as in this coming Monday! So we are getting all the last-minute things done. And Kate, in the meantime, is also packing for a quick work/art trip to Nebraska... also keeping in mind upcoming longer trips to the UK & Europe! It's all a little crazy.


The other confirmed booking isn't until mid-April, but who knows what will happen between now & then! We truly didn't expect much until summertime, and then... maybe a family reunion, a wedding. None of these bookings or inquiries are for reasons that had even crossed our minds. So. What do we know?? Haha.

Thing 2: It's Almost Drive Time! I need to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) for Spain... a trip that is coming up right quick! (YIKES!!) I've had my application filled out for weeks, and finally had Rusty take some "passport-type photos" the other night, which I sized & printed, so I could bring the whole she-bang with me yesterday. Then I noticed that they required check or money order, and didn't accept cash... I don't know about you, but I haven't carried my checkbook in a very long time. I needed to make a deposit for work and happen to have my HSA account at the same institution, and they let me draw a $20 MO from there. I happily made my way to AAA and she told me that my photos were too big (even though they were processed to passport specs -- GAH!!). They could take photos there, and I'd have done it... if they'd accept a credit/debit card from a non-member, or I'd had a check with me, or a MO for $32 instead of $20. GRRR. I resized & reprinted photos last night -- and tucked a blank check into my wallet -- and will try again today!

Thing 3: It's Yarn Time! I've never knit a Fade (though I have printed out at least a couple of patterns), but that almost looks like it could be one! I've had some fun in the dye studio over the past couple of weeks. I've made it a point to put "DYE" on my calendar on my days off -- making it a priority on those days, not just a thing I do when I have time. There are a few last-minute tweaks before a website update later today -- shooting for noon CST!

Happy Day!

Snow day!

...not before I was up and already on my way, but I wasn't quite half-way. I can report that the roads were terrible!

So, I guess I'll get some things done at home today. Soaking those socks that I finished last night, for one thing! Woohoo.

Experience and Patience

I tried to "have a word" once -- maybe twice -- and it never went anywhere. I know there's not right way or wrong way to do that, but for it to really mean anything it takes commitment in a bunch of ways that I'm just not good at.

Every once in a while, a word crosses my eyeballs and I think, "That could be a contender."

This morning there were two, discovered as I was perusing a compilation of ancestors' marriage records, and they go so well together!

Experience and Patience.

Experience Ellis, 1687-1750, one of my great x7 grandmothers.

Patience Martin, 1684-1722, one of my great x8 grandmothers.

Likely Puritans in the tree! Aren't those the greatest names? Experience and Patience... things I use, to varying degree (and sometimes take for granted), every single day!

_ _ _ _ _

I enjoyed a fairly low-key weekend.

It was cold but sunny on Saturday, and I accompanied Kate on an outing to hit some thrift shops in Green Bay... for no particular reason, though we have finally published the apartment listing on Airbnb and there are a few not-urgent things on that list. In less than a week we've already had some inquiries and even a booking that was later canceled! Plans change... sometimes quickly!



I am just a little bit sorry that I left this on the shelf. There was something like this in my childhood memory, but I'm not sure of its origin. My mom did paint by number back in the day, and it's possible she did "elegant mosaic craft" as well!


Fun fact: there was a dedicated Green Bay Packers section in just about every shop we visited!

Rod was half of a duo playing nearby on Saturday night, and I watched the kids while Ali & Kate went to see the show.


Jün & Gin had brand new washcloths (Superman & Elsa) and toys from a stop at the dollar store, so naturally we filled the tub with bubbles! Look at that baby... she pulled herself up to peer into the tub several times, to join in the giggling.

I managed a little dyeing on both days (it sure helps to put it as a to-do on my calendar), made a a couple of nice dinners, continued my DuoLingo streak (24-going-on-25 days!), did a little book work, and a little knitting (so close with Ali's socks). I didn't get to anything sewing-related, as hoped, but it'll all still be there...

I hope you had a good weekend!

Unraveled Wednesday: Still Christmas Socks

Joining Kat & the Unravelers to share what I'm knitting and reading!


I am currently working on Ali's second sock! A couple days after my last Unraveled post, I ripped out the first sock and started over because I knew it wasn't going to fit. It might be a bit more complicated, but I really do love Ysolda's Long-tail Tubular Cast-on! (Did I mention that I saw Ysolda at Rhinebeck? Even spoke to her... well, no, I basically grunted as she handed me a Ravelry pin. Completely starstruck! I could have talked to her about so many things, but no...)

Anyway, it's apparently my go-to cast-on. In addition, I went up a needle size (US 6 instead of 5) and started with a few more stitches.


I finished the first so Ali could try it on last weekend -- it fit perfectly and she was so happy! I can't wait to finish the pair, and I'm thinking they'll be an FO by the weekend.


Since I took the photos yesterday afternoon, I've made a heel flap & turned the heel. I'll knit the gusset tonight so that by Knit Night on Thursday, I'll be working the mindless foot. Christmas knitting ought to be done well before Valentine's Day!!


I am reading My Brilliant Friend. There's been a lot going on around here, so I've only read a couple of pages every night. I haven't been listening to anything. I'm going to have to suspend my Audible account for a while!

The current state of things



This has been the state of things all weekend, more or less, and it's currently coloring my mood. It was a little easier to handle with the "freedom" of a weekend vs. a workday. There isn't any sunshine in the forecast until Friday! Ugh. Send cookies!!