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Snow day!

...not before I was up and already on my way, but I wasn't quite half-way. I can report that the roads were terrible!

So, I guess I'll get some things done at home today. Soaking those socks that I finished last night, for one thing! Woohoo.



Happy Snow Day! Enjoy!!


Hooray for a snow day and finished socks!


Our snow day moved your way! Schools were closed here for the first time in 23 years! Smith and I had a great day just watching the crews clear ALL that SNOW! (I love my condo.) :) So, is the Christmas knitting done? Enjoy the day!


I'm giving myself a snow day (really an ice day) too!! Enjoy your found time and yay for finished socks!!


Enjoy the snow day! We're more in a "flood day" situation here in Evansville. Too.much.rain.


Snow is arriving here in northeast MA early this afternoon. Most schools have announced an early dismissal, and employers are being encouraged to send workers home early, too. Change to sleet, freezing rain and just plain rain on the coast is expected overnight, but snowfall amounts in my area could be 6" to 9" before any change so LOTS of shoveling to be done.


We've got snow now (it started about 20 minutes ago) and we will be closing at 3. It's only 90 minutes early for me but I'll take it!

Robby H.

We're finally thawing out from our snow day last week. Glad you're tucked in at home safe and warm.


I am SO OVER snow days this year. (And I can't imagine how the parents of school children feel. . . ) We've just had far too many weather shut-downs this year, and I'm SICK. OF. THEM. (Okay. Done now.) XO

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