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The current state of things



This has been the state of things all weekend, more or less, and it's currently coloring my mood. It was a little easier to handle with the "freedom" of a weekend vs. a workday. There isn't any sunshine in the forecast until Friday! Ugh. Send cookies!!



Well that is just plain nasty. We had a forecast for freezing fog which I don't think I've ever seen...but if we got it, I missed it. Sorry you won't have sun till Friday.


That winter drearies. Blergh.

Robby H.

I would definitely send you cookies. I'm good for about 3 days without sunshine and then the whining commences. Fortunately, that isn't a regular thing here, but I do feel for you. Keep thinking about Spain!


I prescribe a couple of daffodil bouquets from your local TJ's! No sun outside means bouquets of sun inside!

Susan Lemire

What Kat said. Flowers are definitely prescribed. Daffodils, tulips, hyacinths-- any of the above should help to remind you spring is coming!


I love Kat and Susan's prescriptions ... and I'll add a wish for sunshine. soon!


We had a lovely, warm day today and even saw the sun; I so wish I could send you some sun, warmth, and cookies!


Tomorrow’s another day - in fact it is right now = today, when I am trying to send you good vibes (sorry no cookies to send but that is a good idea, BTW, to bake!)
The birds will soon be singing their start-the-spring song, just wait a bit longer.


We're in that same gray no-mans-land! I need martinis to go with my cookies. Auntie Em, please take the wind away!

Robin F

I've sent you a pic of my azaleas blooming- they do every Feb. Turn on the Ott lite and have a few Oreos


I can totally relate. . . and tomorrow it's supposed to wintry-mix-with-freezing-rain. Goody.

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