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Unraveled Wednesday: Still Christmas Socks

Joining Kat & the Unravelers to share what I'm knitting and reading!


I am currently working on Ali's second sock! A couple days after my last Unraveled post, I ripped out the first sock and started over because I knew it wasn't going to fit. It might be a bit more complicated, but I really do love Ysolda's Long-tail Tubular Cast-on! (Did I mention that I saw Ysolda at Rhinebeck? Even spoke to her... well, no, I basically grunted as she handed me a Ravelry pin. Completely starstruck! I could have talked to her about so many things, but no...)

Anyway, it's apparently my go-to cast-on. In addition, I went up a needle size (US 6 instead of 5) and started with a few more stitches.


I finished the first so Ali could try it on last weekend -- it fit perfectly and she was so happy! I can't wait to finish the pair, and I'm thinking they'll be an FO by the weekend.


Since I took the photos yesterday afternoon, I've made a heel flap & turned the heel. I'll knit the gusset tonight so that by Knit Night on Thursday, I'll be working the mindless foot. Christmas knitting ought to be done well before Valentine's Day!!


I am reading My Brilliant Friend. There's been a lot going on around here, so I've only read a couple of pages every night. I haven't been listening to anything. I'm going to have to suspend my Audible account for a while!



I love those socks! And you are knitting like lightening!


I love those socks too - the yarn is so colorful and just FUN! I need to check out that long tail tubular cast on (sometimes my cuffs can be a bit on the tight side).


Sorry you had to rip out the first sock, but better one than a completed pair. Ali and that beautiful yarn are worth knitting a sock that actually fits! I completely understand being tongue-tied around a knitting celebrity, but not so much a "regular" celebrity. Many times I don't even recognize regular celebrities!


Great socks. And to think the Christmas knitting will be done by Valentine's Day. You go girl. I'm sure Ali will love them. A warm hand knit sock is a wonderful gift whenever it arrives.


I really love how that yarn is knitting up Vicki! Beautiful!! And, I am listening to My Brilliant Friend right now... I just love it!

Amy C

Long tail tubular cast on is pure magic, isn’t it? I love it in the same way I adore Kitchener stitch - they feel like such amazing tricks one can pull off.
Beautiful socks, and lovely to know that the recipient will be delighted to get them. That always helps the knitting sail along.

Robin F

Great looking socks-I'm impressed that you can do them one at a time on DPNs- I suffer from second sock syndrome and have to knit them two at a time on magic loop-also I do them toe-up so I don't have to play yarn chicken.Ask me why this is an issue! LOL


Redoing the sock may put you a bit behind, but having a perfect fit is the goal. Good work! I am the same way around knitting celebs. I feel completely inadequate to share my thoughts. I guess I'm not the only one!


Whenever I meet anyone even slightly famous, I just gape and stupid words fly out of my mouth. It's like my brain just goes right out my ears or something. (Once I met Ina Garten at a book signing. You know what I said? "I really like your books." Really. DUH. . .)

Your socks are great! XO


Pretty sock color. Ali is going to love them.


Yay for socks on size 6 needles! I'm thinking that might be Autumn colorway? (which is what I snagged when you had your last shop update) LOVE how it's knitting up!


That is a beautiful colorway!

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