The Final Countdown
Happy Birthday!!


Hola!! Popping in to say that all is well, we're having an amazing time! Off to Cornwall tomorrow for a few days before returning home on Monday (I'm pretty sure... the days are getting fuzzy).

I have managed, by pure luck, to unintentionally knock a few things off my bucket list here... such as, I never have to see another fireworks display in my life (if I don't want to), because nothing is going to top what I have seen (heard & felt) here!

There are some posts on Insta & FB... I am never going to be able to share it all!!

Anyway, I can't let my 15th Blogiversary/1st Day of Spring pass without a post, also a quick mention of the 14th anniversary of The Quit a few days ago.

The crescendo of Las Fallas happened last night with fireworks/mascleta and the burning of this nearly 9-stories tall falle. We had a balcony view and I am pretty sure my face would have melted off if we'd stayed out there the entire time. It was flipping amazing!!

Thanks for reading and for your comments and for coming along on these crazy trips of all sorts, whether in Spain or my own back yard! xo




I've been following your adventure on Instagram and it looks truly fabulous. Congrats on both your 14th year of quitting smoking AND your 15th year of blogging! I wasn't around 15 years ago but I was here by the time you quit!


I am vicariously loving every moment you are posting on IG - just amazing, every.single.thing!

Happy Blogiversary and to your Quitiversary! Momentous things indeed!


Congratulations on both milestones and here's to more fun "miles" to come!


THOSE FIREWORKS!!! I've been watching along on Instagram, and man-oh-man. That's really something! :-) Happy blog-iversary and happy anniversary. Thanks for allowing us into your life, Vicki. (And have a GRAND time in Cornwall.) XOXO


I love following you as you travel around Spain. SO grand, so truly amazing and magical! Oh yes! The blogiversary and THE QUIT! You and Ann really are something! I'm very happy to call you my friend, Vicki! Continue on with your grand adventure! I will be watching!


Happy All-the-versaries. ... and I'm enjoying every post on Instagram. The fireworks have been amazing - even without sound :-)


It’s always a pleasure to follow your adventures! I’ve been following on IG as well - what a trip! ;-)

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