The Final Countdown

Ha. Here's what's on my calendar today:


It'll be that way for a while! "Wherever" is currently Amsterdam for a few hours' layover on the way to Valencia.

I was in low-key vacation prep all weekend, and it's going pretty well! I've crossed quite a few more things off this list since I snapped this photo.


I am more relaxed than I think I've ever been!

Things were going well enough that I took some time to dye yarn on Saturday morning, and then cleaned up my studio on Sunday morning. And when Ali brought the kids over for a visit on Saturday night, the big kids ended up staying overnight!


That started with a bath and ended with a slumber party in the living room. Ginny fell asleep against my shoulder before we were half-way through the first bed-time book!

They're playing together better these days -- if not always together, then at least side-by-side. They both know how to push the other's buttons, though!


We did a little craft project in the morning (also some Spirograph doodles) and then it was time to go! I didn't mention anything about our going away or not seeing them for a while because Junah was pretty upset about it the last time... not so much that we were going, but that he wasn't! He wants to go to Spain, too... RIGHT NOW!!

I gave them a subscription to Little Passports at Christmas and he is certainly interested. With good reason, I suppose, having family living or visiting in Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, England, and Scotland!

Final laundry and packing will happen this evening, and we're off in the morning!



What would it look like, I wonder, if siblings did NOT know how to push each other's buttons? (HA!) It seems like you have everything in hand, Vicki. BON VOYAGE! XO

Robby H.

So jealous! Have a fabulous trip.


Good for you to the approach you are taking to this trip! I'm really excited for you and can't wait to hear all about your adventures.


Bon Voyage, safe travels, and I hope ALL of you have a WONDERFUL time! (Jun's beard is coming in nicely. : -) )


Have a great time... and those kiddos! Too cute!


completely unrelated to any vacation planning, but I think you have the coolest handwriting ... I'd be writing lists all the time if they looked like yours ;-) I've noticed that Sam and Charlie play really well "side by side". which makes it even more special when we can get them to play together. or have them to ourselves one on one. All the best wishes for your trip!!


Love the sleepover and bubble bath. Safe travels and have fun. Looking forward to your pix.


Junah has been born with the wanderlust gene! My your trip be full of beautiful adventures!!!

Kim Dean

You can prepare for vacations in a low-key way? I'm always "WOOOOOOO ----- VACATION COMING!:"


Hope you are planning on sending the "littles" plenty of postcards of your travels. Always fun seeing different stamps and postmarks in other languages. So much adventure for those going and a big world opening up to those at home waiting to hear about it all. Have fun!

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