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Weekending: Trial by Fire

...or In Hot Water - NOT!

or... All's Well that Ends Well.


Hey Friends! A quick catch up with non-related cute kid pics.


He looks ready to take on the world!!

Rusty & I went to a closing reception for an art show on Friday evening and, upon our return, discovered that the water wasn't very hot... and a big puddle on the floor around the water heater in the basement.

Fifteen minutes later, our second Airbnb guests arrived!! OMG.

There wasn't much to do but inform them, apologize, and then work at getting it fixed. They were SUPER gracious, insisting that they were here mainly to relax and hang out.


Sitting on my lap, playing peek-a-book with mumma!

Also, it snowed on Friday night.

So, while Rod came over on Saturday morning to go with me to pick up the water heater I'd purchased on Friday night, Rusty shoveled...

(There was an option for delivery, but the estimated date was March 13th. Hahahahahahaha. Who orders a water heater in advance... just because??)

How gracious were our guests? The guy came out and offered to help get it down the basement!

Rusty & Rod had it in and installed by mid-morning.


I'm not happy that we had to buy a new water heater right before going on vacation, but I've already come home from a week-long vacation (with three little kids and all the associated laundry) to find that the water heater had given it up while we were gone.

There are two things that I'm happy about. First, it's bigger -- 50-gallon capacity instead of 40. Second, our water pressure seems to have improved. A couple of years ago when they re-did all of our water lines and everything, they guys were all saying how much better our water pressure would be... but there wasn't really any change, until now!


Kate is leaving tomorrow for an extended time away, starting with a visit to NYC. We'll meet up in a couple of weeks in Spain, but I don't expect to see her home until June or July, or maybe even August! That's going to be so weird.


So Ali & the kids came over to hang out on Sunday night, bid farewell to their Auntie Kate, and humor their grandmother.


I love how Ginny's stealing the show!

I am/have been busy getting the books caught up and straightened out for a meeting with Ali's accountant tonight. I was a bit behind, but I'm feeling very good about it all... establishing processes is helpful!

Maddy's taxes are all but finished, too.


I started ours (the easy stuff), but it looks like I'll be waiting until after vacation to finish. I'll be refreshed & renewed!! Haha.

Our guests loved their stay, even with the water snafu! And our third Airbnb guest arrives this evening for a few days! (This whole thing continues to blow our minds.)

Hope you had a great weekend!!


Robby H.

My husband had to replace the hot water heater in what is now our home the week before our wedding (and 2 days before he had to leave the country on business). How do those inanimate objects know the worst possible timing!?

We also replaced the above replacement a couple of years ago and had a similar experience. The plumber explained that deposits develop like most things that have water running through them (part of why they develop the eventual leaks). A brand new one doesn't have that and will only slowly develop it over time.

So glad your Air B&B gig is going so well.


Hot water heaters, furnaces, and air conditioners always only stop working

Like, when you want a nice hot shower. Or on the absolute coldest day of the year... or the hottest. It must be a Murphy's Law thing!

Those kid photos make me laugh! Too cute!!


I'm just impressed that you guys took care of that hot water heater on your own - I'd have been on the phone to my plumber. I'm glad your guests were good about it, that's how I would be in the same situation.


I think you are a resourceful person that deals well with the stuff of life, and I'm glad your guests were also! Enjoy your hot water, fun grandchildren, Airbnb guests, and getting ready for vacation!


My water heater always broke on a Sunday-I love the pix of the kids- did you use an app to add the accessories? Your AirBnB seems to have taken off- so exciting. Stay warm. They posted a 'wind chill advisory' for tomorrow- It will be 40- 30's with the wind chill. I had to laugh-


I do love a story with a happy ending ... and when it's illustrated with adorable kiddos, well ... good stuff!


I hates the water heater issues. . . such a hassle. And so much more $$$ than you think it ought be. But expanded capacity - and improved water pressure! - make it all worth while. (I suppose.) I'm so excited for your AirBNB success! What fun. And those kiddos? Always such a treat to see them! XO


Did you say something? I couldn't take my eyes off the cute kid photos. Whatever app you use to create the fun glasses and such, the atmosphere and color, well, it's very fun(ny).

So happy to hear you were able to buy and install the new water heater yourself. They always die at inopportune times, but in your case, it wasn't bad timing.

The AirBnB was a good idea, as seen by your back to back bookings. Cool! ;-)


OMG - you are so much more graceful under pressure/disaster than I am! It does sound like your AirBnB is working out so well (and so fortunate to have nice/good/understanding/helpful guests).

Now...those kids...what a hoot! And Jun seems to be maturing by the minute. Wow!


OMG -- laughing ginger baby for the win. (Partner just asked, "Why are you smiling at your laptop?") Your grand-tots are adorable.

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