Happy Birthday, Maddy!
3TT: Ginny!!!


Y'know how you do something and then forget about it? Such as purchasing tickets for an event months in advance?

Yeah, that.

Totally fell off my radar. Luckily, there are numerous ways to get a reminder these days -- this morning, it was Facebook, and I was almost dumbfounded. How could I forget? It's on my calendar, too, but I'm not even sure I'd have looked at that without some sort of prompt. Mondays aren't usually too busy on my social calendar.

Well, surprise! Tonight, we're spending "An Evening with David Sedaris" at the Weidner Center in Green Bay!!


I learned of this event not long after I finished listening to Calypso last year, which I loved. Can't wait!




I'm glad you got a reminder! It would have been a shame to miss David and his funny, poignant stories. Have fun!


It's good that reminder came in on time! Have a blast!


well oh my goodness - what a happy Monday surprise!! can't wait to hear all about it!


Oh, that's going to be terrific! Have fun!

Robby H.

I feel like a Monday punctuated by David Sedaris is what we all need sometimes. Even better as a surprise. Have fun!


What a pleasant surprise! :-) I saw David Sedaris in 2014 (when he was on the very book tour he writes about in Calypso), and he was so, so good. You're going to LOVE. And we just bought tickets to see him again this time around -- but not until November. (I better make sure I put that on my calendar!) XO


Without a job I find I need to look at my calendar each day to see what's going on in my life. Glad you found out before the event and not after!

Robin F

Glad you didn't miss this! Enjoy. I check my google calendar every nite before bed so I know if I have to get up early or can lounge in the morning.

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