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Unraveled Wednesday: On the Eighth Day

...she kept on sewing.



The main event right now is my Alabama Chanin Car Jacket project, and the minimum :15 stitching time that I've committed to for #the100dayproject. Yesterday was my 8th day of stitching and I am so happy with the progress I've made.

Day 1, April 2nd, picking up where I left off some time back:


Day 7, April 8th:


There's been applique, cutting, embroidery, and beading!

And this is what I accomplished yesterday, on the 8th day of stitching:


And what I've accomplished along the way:


Of course, 15 minutes each day is just long enough to get situated, to decide what I'm going to work on, to love my thread, to needle my thread, and to take a couple of stitches! But even only :15 each day for 100 days would equal 25 HOURS. On every day but one, I think, I've worked for at least twice that amount of time. It's a process and it's slow, but consistency is the key... and I am loving it! Again!!


I finally started listening to Daisy Jones & The Six! It has a cast, which I love (and was one of the things I enjoyed most about Lincoln in the Bardo). Jennifer Beals is Daisy, and Benjamin Bratt & Pablo Schreiber are brothers & bandmates and they are excellent. I'm only a few chapters in and I can't wait for more... I was a little mad that my bookmark got screwed up and I couldn't listen in the car this morning. I fixed that now, so I'm all set for later...


I'm still working on Ginny's Rye socks. I just knit the heel flap of the second sock, so getting there!

Pop over to see what Kat & the Unravelers are sharing today!



You picked a wonderful project for your 100 days! It's really looking good and I love seeing your progress. I seem to have completely lost my reading and knitting mojo (mojoes?) and I'm wondering if I can regain them by committing to just :15/day. Maybe when I finish the drudgery of taxes ...


Your jacket is amazing! I love it. It's so great that you are working on it each day. (I think I need to apply that to some projects I've been avoiding...)


Your stitching is beautiful and I love all those neutral shades. I'm hearing more and more that listening is the way to go with Daisy Jones and the Six.

Jeannie GraY

Your jacket is going to be fantastic! Can't wait to see how it progresses.


I eagerly await your IG post to see what you have accomplished each day! It is looking fantastic!


Oh, Vicki! It's looking so FINE!!!! What a great way to git'r'dun. XO


I love your project! It is so interesting and looks like great fun! I also like the way you're sharing it! I'm doing one but haven't quite settled on how I want to share it...thanks for some ideas...

Stitch on!


Such an interesting stitching project. I can see how 15 minutes can easily stretch into 30. Keep on stitching and let us see those Rye socks.

Robby H.

You're really going to town on this stitching. It's prettier every time I see it.


I have loved watching this change over the last week. All your embellishments are so fun to see and there are visible changes from day to day even with (only) 15 minutes of stitching.


Finally getting caught up ... I've been following along on Instagram and love seeing how all those bits of progress add up over the days. I guess it's been 2-1/2 weeks now and WOW! even 15 minutes a day does add up quickly to significant progress. Way to go, Vicki!

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