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Weekending: Productive Procrastination

We went down the hill to 313 Dodge on Friday night for our local going-out version of Friday Night Snacks:


Janel & Kristin recently changed the menu and I had a gift card that I kept forgetting to use (third time's the charm!). Oh yum. We had/shared the Cheese & Charcuterie Platter, Asian Chicken Meatballs with Pickled Veggies, and Roasted Beet, Pesto & Burrata Salad, along with beverages... and we were too full for dessert! I almost doubled that order of meatballs... I'm glad I didn't because they were huge! Oh darn, dessert might have to be a separate trip sometime.

While procrastinating about finishing our taxes*, I spent the weekend catching on up sleep (also possibly fighting off a cold or something) and long overdue mending & sewing, finishing a baby sweater, putting together a stubborn IKEA bench, shopping & cooking, cleaning/readying the Airbnb apartment, and hanging out with kiddos!


The kids and I started out riding bikes, but ended up taking a walk down in the woods and on the trail below our house.


I thought this dead tree looked like a dragon or a gnarly dinosaur.


And was delighted to find even the smallest promise of spring (as I'm watching sn*w flying around outside my window this very moment) (they say we could be close to 70°F on Sunday - it's spring, indeed)!


This morning's sunrise was a beauty!

I've been thinking about a 100-day project for a while, stymied a bit at what I'd actually do, but it came to me just as the #The100DayProject came along. Starting tomorrow, I am committing to at least :15 of sewing each day on my Alabama Chanin Car Jacket! I'd really like to finish that project... because there are so many more projects that I'd like to sew! I'm looking forward to setting up a dedicated project work space, and getting to work.

*I will get them done... I've never been late nor filed for an extension, and I don't aim to start now.



What delightful and delicious ways to procrastinate on taxes! I love your adventurers and their sticks and am looking forward to appearances of your AC jacket.


Friday night's dinner looks delicious! So glad our taxes are done (and we did NOT owe!!...except PA which everyone ALWAYS owes). Kids and sticks - they just go together, don't they? It's a wonder none of us in my family poked an eye out running down mountainsides with sticks - lol. And I swear, Jun looks older/more mature in each picture you post. Gin is growing too, but for some reason, it is really noticeable with Jun. So glad you are going to work on your AC jacket - can't wait to see it.


What a GREAT idea re: the AC coat!!!! 15 minutes a day will get you FAR!!!!! Everything in your post looks so fabulous, Vicki. No wonder you idn't have time for your taxes. (Because really. Who wants to do that?!?) (And you're right -- dragon.)


Ahh, taxes... the bane of my current existance!

But, that sunrise! Gorgeous! And, I love your 100 day project!


Welcome home, right?! the sunrise looks amazing and I'm sure a walk with the kiddos (even with jackets) was a lot of fun. I think I'm sitting out the #100days this year, but I love your idea - :15 a day will add up fast!


Great photos of your weekend and you know I especially love those Friday Night Snacks - looks wonderful!


Yes! A dragon! The food looks amazing and now I wonder what dessert could have been. The kids are just so cute (and growing SO fast!). I look forward to watching your AC jacket stitching. I have stretched myself thin with stitching and/or knitting, but a dedicated 15 a day could bring focus.


I love it when the little buds come peeking out of the soil.
And I think the finish it up is a great idea for the #100dayproject! That is a bandwagon I could ride.


I just efiled our taxes. They were done a week ago but I procrastinated on that final step. Good to be done!

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