Unraveled Wednesday: On the Eighth Day
Happy Birthday, Ali!

Weekending: Taxing

I "enjoyed" a 3-day weekend, dampened just a bit by the onset of a cold and, of course, income taxes. Whatevs. Three days off = three naps! Taxes are done & dusted; I wasn't in the mood to agonize... it could've been (has been) worse.

We had Airbnb guests arriving on Friday afternoon, so I spent the morning readying.


A new duvet cover, lightweight cotton blanket, and decorative pillow cover were fun additions to the bedroom. I also added black-out liners to the curtains (after cutting & hemming them).

I also watched the buds on the last (surprise) amaryllis stem begin to open:


The bottom photo was taken this morning. You can still see a little snow in the back yard and ravine. We were in the middle of a blizzard at this time last year, left to deal with a couple of feet of snow... so I'm not complaining.

Otherwise, I just blew my nose a lot while I did some sewing and knitting.


I'm getting close to finishing the first sleeve of my Alabama Chanin Car Jacket. There are more photos on IG, if you're interested. And Ginny's Rye socks will be finished as soon as I kitchener the toe.

My energy & enthusiasm are still pretty low. The sun is shining and that helps! Hope you had a great weekend!



If you post many more photos, I may have to come stay with you to experience your wonderful space in person! I hope your cold goes away quickly and you can regain your energy and enthusiasm. I'm really enjoying your AC posts on IG and am looking forward to more.


Your Airbnb space looks just delightful, Vicki! And, those bonus Amaryllis blooms... gorgeous!

But, your sewing... oh.my! It is just divine! This is my very favorite thing!


You are creating the MOST COMFORTABLE and ADORABLE Airbnb space EVER. I'm sorry you're feeling poorly . . . but those sleeves??? Looking good! XO


Sorry you've been feeling crappy, but like everyone else, I'm loving the pictures of your rent-able space (so charming and inviting), your Surprise Amaryllis (gorgeous) and your AC stitching (Amazing). Thanks for sharing it all and hope by now you are feeling much, much better.


Your mid-century space is very inviting. When you said blackout curtains I was all in! Hope your cold abates quickly! All the different techniques you're using on your AC jacket just bring it to life so beautifully. I have been watching for it on IG every day! Love it!


I came home to bonus amaryllis blooms - hooray! Your Airbnb guests are so lucky!


It took me all of three hours to do our taxes -- Fed and two states -- this year. Usually I spread it out over a couple-three days, but there was no need this year, yay!

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