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Weekending: Mother's Day

39 of 100

It's Day 39 of #the100dayproject!


There's a random selection of images from the previous couple of weeks or so. I've finished Sleeve #1 and am currently doing the embroidery & appliqué on Sleeve #2. I've already done a little beading, but the majority of it will be done last.

It's been a couple of weeks, people! It started with An Evening with David Sedaris, followed by a day off and getting the Airbnb ready, CPR/AED/First-Aid & Blood-borne Pathogens training, a couple of meetings, a birthday, an art opening/overnight at the lakeshore, a Make.Do pop-up shop at my LYS, a new furnace installation, another meeting, a first ballet class, another event... plus, I worked all five days this week.


There is plenty happening/to do, but I'm looking forward to Momosa Day and brunch at 313 Dodge with Ali, her bff Abbey, and Abbey's mom Ellen -- one of our favorite mother-daughter duos!

I'm only a tiny bit sad that I forgot about Macro May and #memademay, but #100daysknitorious2019 is plenty. I don't need any more on my plate right now (I'm delighted that I recognize that!). Maybe I'll do Macro September or October, instead.



I was surprised that it's only Day 39. It seems as if I've been admiring your AC stitching on ig for far longer than that, and more importantly, you've gotten so much done! Here's to the next 61 days ... and beyond! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Day 39 is looking fine! XO

And, Happy Mother's Day to you!


I forgot about Macro May, too. Maybe we should do Macro Mondays? I haven't used my macro lens in ages.

Robin F

You are making great progress considering how busy your life is. What is macro may? Have a great Mothers' Day. Will you see the grands?


Happy Mother's Day, Vicki! I don't think I know anyone busier than you! You know how to pack in creative pursuits, family, fun, friends and food. I LOVE your AC project so much. The jacket is going to be so much fun to make/create as you go, but when you're done it will be a spectacular item to wear!


Happy Momosa Day! (I enjoyed that with mom, too!) Yay you for all the progress you're making on that Car Coat (and like Bonny, I am thinking wow, has it really been only 39 days??!!) Hope you had a great weekend!


Gosh you are busy-busy-busy. But...you've made fabulous progress on your coat. It is going to be wonderful!! Hope your Mother's Day was a good one.

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