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3TT: NYC follow-up


Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...


I'm headed to New York tomorrow morning for a few days of hanging out with Kate -- I haven't laid eyes on her since we parted ways at Gatwick on March 21st! She's certainly been absent for far longer, but she's been doing so many things -- residencies and/or shows in London, Leeds and Lisbon (hm, there's a ring to that), a trip to Scotland and vacation in the Highlands, a visit to Berlin -- and I'm anxious to catch up face-to-face. She'll be staying in NYC for another week or so after I leave, to do the Greenpoint Open Studios show in Brooklyn again, then head to Los Angeles for a long weekend of work-y/art stuff there, and then finally home around the middle of the month. Anyway... I'm planning to get together with a few other people in NYC, too; we'll see how that all pans out!

Meanwhile, here are 3 Things on my NYC list for this visit:

1 -- Landmarks: The Statue of Liberty and Strawberry Fields.

2 -- Parks: Central Park and the Highline.

3 -- Museums: The Whitney and the Tenement museums.

Strawberry Fields and Central Park may seem like the same thing... but they're not! Luckily, the Whitney is right by the Highline. The Tenement Museum has been on both of our lists for a long time. The tourist in me really wants to visit Lady Liberty.

I have high hopes for all of those things!!

_ _ _ _ _

The photo above has nothing to do with going to NYC! Ali drew a lovely rainbow on the sidewalk on Memorial Day and I thought it made for a nice photo to show off a new pedicure and sandals ! Maddy loves Chacos and she ordered a pair for me (with her discount) for Mothers Day -- Z/Cloud Llama Angora (I had to have them).

Here are a few more photos from the weekend... I had the big kids overnight because Ali & Rod went to an out of town wedding.


This little being is starting to WALK!!


It's been incredibly busy, but I'm committed to stitching every single day!


I haven't taken a knitting class in quite a few years, but sat down last night for INTRO TO BRIOCHE at my new LYS... which, I noticed on the way in, has gargoyles perched atop!

I am so excited to join Carole for Macro Mondays this summer!! I was sad that I forgot about Macro May... for 2 seconds. I'd mentioned to Carole that Macro-some-month-other-than-May could be fun, for something different -- different things in nature, especially -- and she came up with the Monday idea and it's just perfect. Maybe you'll join us, too! If you don't have a macro lens, just take a close-up. My first photo will be taken with my phone because I'm not taking the big camera to the big city. The keyword is STEADY! Use a tripod or something to stabilize your camera/phone, and a remote shutter release or time delay.

OK. That's all I've got!


Cris Peterson Bjork

Falling down the Chaco rabbit hole can be dangerous for those of us living in wintry regions. Those strap colors shouldn't compete too bad with handknit socks tho. Only when the snow goes over my toes do I give them up for winter. Thank goodness they make great boots now. By the way don't tighten the straps up too tight, you'll want your feet to move just a bit in them. The black and white will look so good in the streets of New York. Have fun.


Have fun in NYC!!! Love the Gargoyles:)

How did Malina get so big looking???


Have a wonderful time in NYC hanging out with Kate! You two always seem like the perfect traveling pair. Love the pictures of the kids including Malina walking and nearly naked gardener! Your commitment to stitching is what's getting it done, beautifully!


I'm so excited for your trip to NYC! I hope you love Tenement Museum as much as I do and I highly recommend a visit to Katz's Deli for lunch while you're in the neighborhood! Hooray for Macro Mondays and those are great tips - it takes a truly steady camera to get an excellent macro shot.


Thank you for the little "macro lesson"!! Have an amazing time in NYC! XO

Robby H.

Wow! Kate has really been on the move and it all sounds like interesting stuff. Have fun!


SO MUCH FUN, Vicki. All. Of. It. I was so excited to see Malina's first steps on IG over the weekend. Those kids are just a delight! Have a wonderful time in NYC. (So much to do. So much to see.) And those sandals? FAB! XOXO


When I grow up I want to be you! So excited you're going to NY for ALL the reasons and all the sites on your list. Love those kids. They are so fun to watch and Malina! WALKING already! (Or so it seems.) So cute.


I was just thinking you and Kate might enjoy visiting the Cloisters. I believe you can take the train to it. It's a museum I've dreamed of visiting for years but living in California it's a bit tricky! Have fun!


Don't skip Ellis Island when you go see Lady Liberty. Rent the headphones for the narrated tour (years ago, it was narrated by Tom Brokaw, maybe still is). Fascinating!

Caffeine Girl

You're probably having a great time in the city by now. I am dying to go to the Tenement museum -- however I haven't been to New York for about 30 years. It's gotten so darn expensive! Still, I'll get there one of these years.

The grandkids are so cute. It looks like you had a great time with them.

Robin F

Enjoy NYC-how could you not. I'll be there the end of June to visit my daughter Sam and see her Bway show- Tootsie. She and DH moved to Bay Ridge last month so I'm looking forward to riding the ferry from Bklyn to Manhattan. Will climb to the top of Liberty-it is worth the view. Do it first thing in the morning to avoid long waits. Tenament museum is very moving-you can visit the Essex St. market which is nearby. If you love pickles try the Pickle Guys on Grand St. , they give samples and have tons of pickled foods.


yay for sleepovers! we had one with Charlie & Sam last week (hence why it's taking me even longer to recover from our long weekend away) ... they are wild and crazy and so much fun! also love those Chacos (and the pedicure). Hope your return home went smoothly ....


Have fun in the city. Hooray for sleep overs. I wish my grands were close enough to drop in now and then. For now it's plane trips to see them. I bought a pair of Chacos last summer. Where have they been all of my life?

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