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Unraveled Wednesday: Yep

Joining Kat & the Unravelers to share what I'm knitting and reading.

I started a new Entrelac Scarf on Sunday evening, and as early as then I was questioning whether I liked the width.


Again on Monday night while I knit... and again last night. I did not keep very good notes on the previous versions that I knit; neither were my pictures very good. But I think this may be a bit of deja vu.


It sure is pretty.


But I'm not going to have that question niggling at me -- louder and louder and with more and more regret -- so I did some literal unraveling just this morning.

I'm ready to start again. I'll be happier with 24 sts instead of 32, a longer rather than wider scarf.

On the reading front, I am listening to Lincoln in the Bardo for the second time -- starting again almost 2 years to the day that I finished the first time. I am one chapter from the finish of My Brilliant Friend... I was planning to read that last night but I was too pooped.

I'm off today... chiropractor appointment, a stop at the P.O. to mail some paperwork to England, some errands to run, Ginny's second ballet class (squee!), and book club after that! I just realized that I have a 3-day weekend ahead and I'm looking forward to that. I really want to do a little (machine) sewing!




Yep, it's good to take care of niggling questions, especially when they arise so early after casting on. It really is beautiful! I hope tippy toes class is as cute as it was last week. :-)


Entrelac looks so interesting and the yarn you are using is GORGEOUS!! Can't wait for more "Gin at Ballet" pictures.


That is going to be a wonderful scarf and I think you're smart to make it narrower. I knit one years ago and it's too wide so I hardly ever wear it. Hope you're enjoying a great day off!


I have learned to listen to that inner voice - it is most wise!

Enjoy book club tonight and your LONG weekend! XO


You are smart to listen to that inner knitter voice. They usually know what they are talking about. The yarn is sure pretty. I hope you survived your busy day. Book club is always a treat. Happy long weekend.

Robin F

Good eye for proportion and smart listening to yourself. Looking forward to Gin's ballet class.


Good call on the scarf. I have ignored that little voice far too often, and frogged a lot because of it. For a scarf, it’s always good to have more wrap-ability! The yarn is great, too.

I’ve tried to read Lincoln in the Bardo twice, but it doesn’t flow well on the kindle. I don’t want to read it as a physical book (can’t knit as well that way). Maybe I should give it a listen instead.


Hope you're enjoying your weekend! Sounds like you've had lots of good stuff to keep you occupied :-)

Ann Neef

Love the yarn choice! What is the yarn you are using.

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