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3TT: 3-Day Weekend Straight Ahead!

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

It's been a long week, but as of 4:00 this afternoon, I'm on weekend time! Three days, baby, YAHOO! Here's a little bit of what's happening:


I'll be taking delivery of a new fridge for the apartment and, believe it or not, it's scheduled perfectly (to not interfere) for the Airbnb guests arriving tomorrow afternoon. I've spent enough time up there to notice that the old fridge (brand new in 1982 when I was renting an apartment from my stepdad) seems to be running.all.the.time.


Kate also has the day off on Saturday, and we plan to head up to Green Bay for some thrift shopping... and lunch, of course.


Certainly by Sunday (and maybe even by Saturday), I'll have finished the re-working of my Alabama Chanin A-line Tunic. Are you sick of this yet?

I found a photo from when I was first doing this stitching:


This isn't impossible, but it is pretty tedious since it's already been cut and the fabric curls a bit after washing. Here's a progress shot that I took this morning:


Getting there! After this little interlude is over, it's back to my June's Spring Car Jacket!!

_ _ _ _ _

Making the outlook even brighter, next week is a 3-day work week... which means a 4-day weekend will follow!


Robby H.

As the voice of experience, may I just say that you will be shocked at the way your electricity bill goes down with the new fridge. When we were forced to replace DH's "bachelor fridge, c. 1992), I got a bigger fridge and our entire electric bill dropped by 30%! It's not like we're getting rich off that, but certainly doing a bit more to help the greenhouse gases issue. I offer the ancient blessing: May your fridge be delivered when promised.


I can sense your excitement, and it's just a couple of hours away! You really are the Airbnb hostess with the mostest (even if it is a shame to replace a refrigerator when it's only 37 years old). :-) I can't imagine getting sick of your AC stitching, and your reworking is looking good. Enjoy both long weekends!


Enjoy your LONG weekend! XO


I'll bet your re-stitching might be a tiny bit tedious, but you will love the outcome and hand stitching an be a soothing endeavor. Never bored seeing your stitching Vicki.

Your upcoming weekend wounds perfect - enjoy!! I'll be bugging out by Noon or so tomorrow myself, so a little bit of a longer one.


Your apartment refrigerator had a long, fruitful life, Vicki!!! Enjoy your long weekend! XO

Robin F

Enjoy your long weekend. New fridge = lower electric bills! The new stitching looks great! I'll bet the grandies will make an appearance at some point. I'm heading home tomorrow.


The black reworked stitching looks fantastic! Hope all went as smoothly as you'd hoped!

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