Hey, 14!
Socks, socks, and more socks!!

3TT: Hm.

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

1 -- So, apparently Typepad blocks URLs with the word "hey" to prevent spam postings, but using the word "hey" in a post title (hence, permalink) seems to also have prevented my receiving comment notifications for that post!


Replying to comments without an email notification is clunky, at best, and while I love and appreciate every comment, I fall behind in replies even in the best of times. Global thanks -- past, present, and future -- for every post all the time forever. Thank you!


2 -- Junah slept over on Tuesday night and we had a very full day of errands and whatnot yesterday, including winding four hanks of yarn (he did three of them)! We also went to the grocery store, the chiropractor, Home Depot, dropped Kate's bike at the bicycle shop, made a deposit at the bank, stopped at the antique mall and a thrift store, had a spontaneous lunch date at Pizza Hut, finished getting the Airbnb ready, and even had a little play time at home (K-nex are going to be the death of me).

(It's definitely time to cull/clean off my bulletin board.)


3 -- "Snake" pellets don't work as well on a wet sidewalk, but we persisted.




Hey, nice post! That was a full day of errands +, and I commend both of you. I would have had enough patience for fewer than half of those things. Junah looks like a serious professional winder!


Hey! Who would think that would create such havoc!

Junah has the look of a professional skein winder indeed!


Brian used to LOVE to wind my skeins! Junah is INTO IT! You probably won't have to wind another skein until he's a surly, sulky adolescent. . . I'm glad you figured out the Typepad thing. (Getting comment notification is always kind of a mystery with them.) And snake pellets are such fun!

Robby H.

Snakes! Or Worms!, as we knew them. The parent approved firework that was simultaneously cool and ick. Go, Junah, on the winder!

Now I want to know how Typepad feels about "Hay!" Because I'm a little subversive sometimes.


Hey! your bulletin board is awesome! (and gah that does read like spam doesn't it? sorry!) But YaY Junah on the winder. and the k-nex :-)


I'm guessing from the comments that snake pellets are fireworks? That's an unknown term to me but fireworks are illegal in MA - not that it prevents people from actually shooting them off - to which I say HEY! knock it off! hahahaha


Hey!!! That Junah - can't believe he is winding yarn. Your bulletin board looks like the one we have on the back of our bathroom door (filled with ticket stubs, quotes, pictures, etc., etc.). I hate the dust tht collects on it and get Fletch to clean it - lol. I loved those snake things as a kid - they seemed so safe!

Robin F

I didn't know they still made snake pellets! I loved those as a kid!!!! Junah is a hero for doing so much work and going on so many errands. It will lead to great memories for both of you.

Caffeine Girl

Your desk looks just like mine!
Sounds like you had a great day with Junah. And how great to have a winding helper!


I also didn't know they still made snakes/worms! I loved them and we burned boxes and boxes of them (dad hated them as they left marks on the driveway). I won't say the "h" word, but wow! I need Junah to wind me some yarn! You sure do pack a lot into one day.

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