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3TT: NYC follow-up

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...


I arrived home last night and am back at work today. I have a lot of catching up to do (in every single area of my life)! Today, I have a quick follow-up on last week's 3 Things on my NYC list:

1 -- Landmarks: The Statue of Liberty and Strawberry Fields and Ellis Island.

2 -- Parks: Central Park and The High Line.

3 -- Museums: The Whitney and the Tenement museums (Irish Outsiders)... and the Merchant's House Museum.

I had a wonderful time, and the weather was great! It was great to see Kate and spend some time in the city with her. We put on a lot of miles, visiting museums, parks, eating some great food, visiting a few neighborhood pubs, and we even saw a movie (Rocketman). We never made it north of 34th Street!

Kate's there for another week, staying at a friend's apartment in the East Village and working in Brooklyn to hang a show for Greenpoint Open Studios.

OK. Back to work! I'll be back...



I can't imagine a visit to NYC and not venturing north of 34th street ... Katie lived on E79th and Sara lives on E82nd ... but y'all clearly had a wonderful time! (welcome home!)


Welcome home! I hope you eased in at work (and tomorrow is Friday, so very good planning on that!)


Welcome home and I'm glad you and Kate had fun! There may be lots of catching up to do, but ease into it gently and congratulations on keeping up with the stitching!


Sounds wonderful! Are you having a hard time keeping your mind on work? My brain would still be in NYC!

Caffeine Girl

What a great trip. But it's hard to go wrong in THE city.


I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip - sounds like you did a LOT!


It does sound like you packed a whole lot into your short visit to NYC. What fun! Glad you can ease back gradually (the weekend is already upon us!!).

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