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Eye Candy Friday

It's unusual to post twice in one day (when twice in a week is "good" lately), but this just came across the airwaves...

Campers 6-14-19

Rod had a gig out of town, so they all hopped into the (very small) motor home and are making most of a weekend out of it. It's rainy & a little chilly... isn't that always the way? (It always was for us!)

Camper malina (2)

Walking!! (And wearing a sweater that I made when her big bro was wee.)

Anyway, have a GREAT weekend!!



The picture look like it came from a time forgotten (except it's in color)! How cute they all are and how darling is that hat!


Walking!!! Oh man! Put a brick on that girls head!!

They are all so precious.... savor.every.second!!


Even though it's chilly (and that was always the way for us, too), those are great pictures! I love Malina's expression and that she's walking! Thanks for sharing!


They are just so cute! I hope they have a great time camping.


LOVE! Childhood camping . . . at it's absolute best.


This just made my (also rainy!) day! xo

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