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Macro (Blue) Monday

Happy Friday!!

It hasn't been a terribly taxing week, but I haven't been sleeping as well as usual so I'm looking forward to maybe sleeping in a little tomorrow. Or, even better, taking a nap!


Did I mention that Kate's back? I picked her up at the airport on Tuesday after work. The kiddos came over with their parents for pizza & hugs & kisses, and Ginny walked up carrying the sweetest bouquet of flowers for Kate, including a couple of pretty little daisies.

I have an Airbnb to get ready this evening/tomorrow morning, and thankfully Kate's here to help (tonight, at least)! I had a bath exhaust fan installed in that bathroom on Wednesday, so there's a little extra dust to deal with.


Yesterday was my first CSA pick up of the year and it included the herb plants I'd ordered a couple of months ago. I'll be getting all that planted tomorrow, too.


The basil that I got from the CSA farm last year was the best we've ever had, so I'm excited for all the rest -- parsley, cilantro, sage, thyme, and I think mint & oregano! Doesn't that basil look so good? A leaf had fallen off when I got them out of the bag, and I just popped it right into my mouth. Yum.


Wednesday was incredibly busy & active, with an electrician (a co-worker) at the house most of the day and me (helping) running several times from basement to attic to flip breakers and consult. Ali & the kids came over in the early evening and we walked down to a concert at the park, and I also took an extra walk around the neighborhood with the kids, pushing a double stroller the whole time. I was so tired... it was the 79th of #100daysknitorious2019, and the first day that I missed. There are plenty of times I've sewn for far longer than my "minimum," and it's a pretty well established part of my day now, so I'm OK with that. I also did a little sewing during yesterday's Knit Night.

I don't think I ever mentioned my Alabama Chanin Palazzo Pants, either!


They are SO comfy. I'm wearing them today with a striped dress and my Llama Angora Chacos -- I love all the stripes!! Anyway, I made a quick single-layer pair of "muslin" palazzo pants that fall just below the knee, and I LOVE THEM!! I'd love to make a longer double-layer pair, and am contemplating whether/where I might want a design/stencil.

My sewing room used to be Ali's bedroom at one time. Every once in a while, when I turn off the light and close the door at night, I catch a glimpse of this:


⭐️ ❤ ⭐️ ❤ ⭐️ ❤ ⭐️

Have a great weekend!




Here is to a weekend that refills you! XO


You take such gorgeous photos! I can almost taste those herbs.

Caffeine Girl

I hope you got caught up on your sleep!
Your herbs look like they are bursting with flavor.
I continue to admire your Alabama Chanin. When I retire...


I got behind on my blog-reading over the weekend. . . I'm hoping you had a lovely and rest-filled weekend! Love those palazzo pants!!! XO


I'm also behind on blog reading and I hope this week has been better and that you're sleeping well. The herbs look healthy and delicious! My accident put me behind in planting so our patio will remain pot-less this year. I will miss the thyme and basil.

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