Macro Monday!
3TT: Hm.

Hey, 14!

This tiny tiger...


...isn't so tiny anymore!!


It blows my mind that this kid is 14 already!!

Happy Birthday, Mack!!

I can't wait to see you next month, and I'm looking forward to another epic Auntie Camp!! (I hope you're never too old for that!)



Happy Birthday, Mack! ... and I'm looking forward to (vicarious) Auntie Camp, too!

Robby H.

Time moves inch by inch in the moment, but it flies whenever we look back, doesn't it?


Happy Birthday, Mack! What a handsome young man (and a delicious-looking cake)!


Happy Birthday Mack!!! Happy and safe travels to Auntie Camp - it's sure to be a ton of fun (wishing I could go to Auntie Camp....)


Amazing, isn't it? Happy Birthday to Mack!


It sure would be nice if Typepad would send me notifications of comments!! Grrr.


Happy Birthday dear Mack! (and I am so jealous of Auntie Camp!!)


Happy birthday, Mack! (I can't believe he can possibly be 14 already. . . ) (The tiny tiger picture. . . oh, the sweetness. . . ) XO


Happy Birthday Mack!


Happy Birthday, Mack!!


WOW! Mac is 14? I am always amazed at how kids mark time (and never stop growing!)! SO lucky are they that they have an Auntie Camp!

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