Eye Candy Friday
Part 4 (the last): Cornwall



Gorgeous peonies, Vicki. Every shot! XO


Beautiful photos, Vicki!!

Robby H.

Ants are the price of great peonies, aren't they? Thank you for skipping over the shot of a macro ant! The ant-free peony shots are gorgeous.

Robby H.

PS I will now be humming "Macro Monday" for the rest of the day. Thanks a bunch. ;- )


I love the third photo! The petals just jump through the screen.


I love the color of your peonies! I only have white ones and I need to rectify that.


Great shots Vicki! I used to bring peonies into the house, but I never seemed to get all the ants off. Ugh! This year, ours were beaten down by wind and rain before I could even get out to cut any.


So, so beautiful!

Robin F

What a lovely gift on this rainy day! Great colors. I have azaleas in red and white- now I have pink also.


Absolutely stunning!

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