Macro (Blue) Monday
3TT: 3-Day Weekend Straight Ahead!

Unraveled Wednesday: "Knitting the fabric of America!"

Joining Kat & the Unravelers today!

Um... this just in:

WOW!!! This is so great! All the love for Colbert...


I haven't been doing much actual knitting, but I am working on a pair of socks... it's even Christmas knitting!


I am still listening to to Lincoln in the Bardo... I'm enjoying it the second time around, though not a lot of listening is happening.

The Summer Walkers: Travelling People and Pearl-Fishers in the Highlands of Scotland is on my nightstand.


This book was a gift from Kate a while back and I've finally made it a priority -- so glad I did. It's loaded with photos and the stories are fascinating.


I have continued my 100-day project, though I did veer from the Car Jacket to work on fixing another project:


This is an Alabama Chanin A-line Tunic that I finished two years ago (it made it's debut at La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona!). The Alabama Chanin A-line is my favorite shape -- it's incredibly flattering -- and I love this tunic... except for the areas where I used gray thread instead of black. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but it's too contrast-y (to me). Every time I'd see it in my closet, I'd think, "Oh, I love that top... but I hate that contrast-y stitching." So I finally decided to do something about it!


It's not easy, given that it has been worn and washed a few times already, but I can't wait to wear it again! I've done the small flower at the shoulder and I think, for now, I'm going to finish that area and just re-do the smaller elements at the top of the big flower on the lower-left -- that might be just enough! I can always re-do some more.



I've seen ravelry on NYT, Washington Post, and other news outlets, but Colbert is BIG! Take that "Neo-Knitzis"! I'm glad you're fixing your top. It's a shame to have a beautiful AC A-line that you're not totally happy with, but soon you'll be wearing it all the time. So beautiful!


LOVE the Colbert video! That is AWESOME!! (And, yeah... Ravelry, most brilliant place ever!!)

I love your "fix" of your A-Line Top!


The A-Line is awesome. Colbert!!! The Summer Walkers looks like a really interesting book.

Caffeine Girl

You are so dedicated to make changes on a garment that is already beautiful.

Robin F

Who knew that Revelry would make the news!! Go knitters. While Colbert is supportive I resent his presentation of knitters as old ladies making poorly made garments! We should color him with socks and hate and scarves! I love that you can feel your fav garment so you can love it again. I saw Tootsie the musical yesterday. Fabulous show, it's been updated to reflect the current issues of sexuality. great voices, sets and dancing!


I'm so glad you're "fixing" your A-line top! I actually kind of like the effect you're getting right now . . . with some of the dark stitching and some of the lighter. It kind of has a pleasing ombre-effect, y'know? It looks downright intentional! :-) And it's been exciting watching all the coverage/attention directed toward Ravelry! XO


I love the changes you're making to your AC! Good for you in fixing what didn't feel right. Seeing all the publicity Ravelry received made me even happier than what Casey did in the first place! Colbert is the icing on the cake!

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