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Macro (Blue) Monday

Y'know, I was OK yesterday.

This morning, two blocks from work, a song came on the radio and I just started to cry... it's been hard to shake (doesn't help that it's gray and raining today).

My friend Carole calls that "sneaky grief." She is so right.

My mom died five years ago yesterday. And I miss her. A lot. I suppose I always will.

So bear with me.



Another peony. The kids were over for a while yesterday and Junah was having a hard time when it was time to head home. He stomped outside... and I walked out after him. We sat together on the front porch and talked it out (sort of?), and then he jumped up and ran around the corner of the house. Pretty soon he came back and gave me this peony. Though similar, this isn't one of mine; he wasn't gone long enough, for one thing. So, thanks, sweet Junah... and neighbors!!

Speaking of the front porch, I stopped to take a photo of mine as I left for work this morning.

Do you see it? That sweet little kitty curled up on my porch chair?


That's not our cat. He/she sure looks right at home, though!


This is one of the sweetest photos I've taken of Malina yet; sitting on my front porch with her mama last night.

So, emotions are all over the place, anyway, and now this:


Though I don't post much about politics, I haven't been silent -- except that I really cannot say that guy's name or call him "my president," so silent in a way, I guess. I am still utterly shocked that he was even elected and I still find him utterly despicable. He has done absolutely nothing to change those feelings.

I stand with Ravelry 100%


Robby H.

So much here, as in life. Sneaky grief, ugh! And the occupant of the White House, also... UGH! Hang in there, there will be more peonies in life and charming little people to share them with.


I am so sorry that damned 'sneaky grief' caught up with you. And, I am with you on Ravelry and their amazing stance yesterday! I have strong thoughts about the free-reign that white supremacy has been given.

And, that peony from Jun... so perfect!


Grief is sometimes an odd thing. Now and then is pops up when I least expect it. My Mom has been gone longer but now and then, the sadness at this loss creeps back into my heart. That peony is beautiful and your front porch is charming.


My grandma always said it meant so much that you had someone in your life to still feel that much grief for that it didn't matter how long you felt it. I miss her every day.
Two neighborhood kitties lounging out front of my house too, their house is being remodeled. Must be to noisy. Love the Malina photo, so sweet. Ravelry, the only social media I want to be on.


That sneaky grief is hard to deal with, coming out of the dark and secluded places like that. Thank goodness for peonies (magical), and special little people. Sending all the XOXO. (And, yeah. Ravelry!)


That picture of Malina just slays me. All of your grandchildren are unusually gorgeous and photogenic, but her smile...and her eyes....(and I love the necklace).

I like the term sneaky grief and it happens to me quite a bit. My Dad has been done almost 6 years and my Mom almost 16 and there are still times that my grief can stop me cold.

Your house is so pretty and I love to see cats napping on chairs.


My mom's been gone 30 years (this September) and that sneaky grief will get me everyone once in awhile. Malina has the most amazing eyes. The are so sweet and full of depth. Everything that says makes my day worse. I have to stay away from the news just to keep my breath under control. I TOO stand with Ravelry 100%.

Caffeine Girl

So much loveliness in this post! Your house is adorable -- but not as cute as Malina.
So sorry about your mom. She must have been wonderful to be missed so deeply.


Sneaky grief indeed. My mom and little brother have been gone almost 20 years, and it still catches me at the oddest times.
I love your peony photo! And those beautiful baby eyes!


Sneaky grief is a good term for it. Sorry it caught up with you. Music especially will put me over the edge as it always holds so many memories.

Your grands are gorgeous!

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