3TT: NYC follow-up
Hey, 14!

Macro Monday!

Whoopsie! I was so engrossed in the goings-on in the Big City last week that I completely forgot about Macro Monday!


If you follow me on Instagram, this needs no explanation!

If you don't, #100daysknitorious will help get you up to speed (or bore you to tears).

Bonus/making up for last week:


I feel like these could be better if the "focus" was a little different. I may try again...

_ _ _ _ _

I hope you had a great weekend! I had my biggest Airbnb group yet... for a one-night stay. OMG, that's a lot of work, and don't worry, the minimum stay was changed to TWO nights a while back! BUT, they were among the BEST guests ever -- a young man, his mom, and his grandparents -- all to see Sir Paul McCartney at Lambeau Field. It can't get much better than that. They were SUPER friendly and so excited. Fun family times, and I'm happy to have given them a comfy place to land. Even if it is a helluvalotta work... another 5-star review for my efforts, and the SUPERHOST status shall be mine come July!!

I had some great family time with my own family over the weekend, too, including an early evening pop-in at a band gig with Ali & the kids to wish Rod a happy birthday!



Hooray for Macro Monday! It's tricky than it seems, that's for sure. So glad the AirBnB thing is working so well for you all.


Woo hoo for your pending superhost status!

I am having so much fun with Macro Monday's - and learning so much!


Your AC sewing is the perfect subject for macro photos (and I am loving the beading)!

Robby H.

I can only imagine what great memories you gave that family of seeing Sir Paul together. But yeah, two nights sounds like a good choice. I'll enjoy checking out your Macro Mondays just as much as Carole's. Such a treat to see the work of talented photographers.


I can't get enough of your inspiration AC stitching. I'm starting a new T and need to figure out how to incorporate what I've learned from you!


Loving the beading and the macro photography.

I don't know how you do ALL that you do! Superhost indeed! You deserve that right now.

I did see your IG post over the weekend - Malina is just too darn cute!! Loved her outfit and the way she was moving.


I am totally enjoying your making story with the AC jacket! and congratulations on your AirBnB success!!


Testing comment notification.


Happy Birthday!!!

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