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100 Days


I think it was official on Wednesday, but I still had a reminder on my calendar yesterday for 100 (+/-) days of stitching!

Two finished sleeves and current state of back panel underway.

Back in April, I'd committed to at least :15 of sewing each day on my Alabama Chanin Car Jacket! I think I stitched on about 95 days, and a few of those days were spent on the A-line re-do, and there were just a few when I didn't stitch at all -- two or three at most. Most of it was documented on Instagram: #100daysknitorious2019

There were quite a few days when I worked significantly longer than :15, but even conservatively, I've stitched for a total of 25+ hours since April, mostly on my jacket!

All in all, I consider it a wild success!


Same general area on each sleeve and the design choices that make them the same but different!


Ditto! This is the June's Spring stencil.

I have two sleeves completely done and the start of a body part (with three more in the wings, plus a collar, two pockets, pocket flaps -- just keeping things in perspective). There is WAY more done now than I had 100 or 101 or 102 days ago!


I am looking forward to continuing the process with almost as much diligence. Part of the problem is that it's sort of monopolizing the main portion of my work area and there are other things that I need/want to get done. The trick is to put it away, but not so far away that I forget about it or it's too much of a chore to regroup.

A good workroom clean-out would probably help overall! Well, except for a shopping trip, I have a fairly clear weekend ahead...

Have a great weekend, everyone!!



What a difference 100 days make! Congratulations on sticking to it and your progress. It really is a wonderfully wild success, and keep going!


I am amazed at how much you got done in your 100(+/-) days ... you are on a roll!! AND the project is really looking great!


I'm truly impressed with your progress and diligence and patience - the jacket is going to amazing! I hear you on the workroom clean out, I need to do that myself!


I agree with Carole! That jacket is going to be stunning! (As for that clean out... I have a couple of those on my list as well - sadly! lol)

Have a great weekend!


Your project shows how daily work gets things done! The jacket is so stunning and I am impressed and delighted by it. Don't put it away. That's my opinion. Just don't! :)

Robin F

Wow, it gets better every time I see it. Those white sequins really pop. Enjoy your weekend.

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