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Today I'm sharing three patterns by three new-to-me BIPOC designers. Most of these are not new designs, but they appealed to me and I'm hoping that by adding them and the designers to my Ravelry Favorites, I'll begin to see more. I've always enjoyed similar blog posts of others -- we all love knitting and even if we're not actively searching for a possible project, it's always fun to be inspired!

1 - Jiminez Joseph | @jimiknits

  • VESTival! "Inspired by the bohemian fashionistas at music festivals, VESTival is a sleeveless top, worn as a relaxed overlay."

You probably didn't know that I have a thing for vests, and I love this one. It's knit sideways, for the most part, as are many of Jimi's sweater designs. I can see this layered over a dress or a flowy skirt.

  • Buckshot. "BUCKSHOT is an over-sized, medium length sweater with bracelet length sleeves. It has an all-over textured stitch pattern that looks as if it’s riddled with bullet holes! A relaxed fit for comfort during any occasion and versatile for any wardrobe."

I love the texture on this boxy sweater, and the deep V-neck. So wearable.

  • Aggregate. "Aggregate is an arrowhead shaped wrap/scarf. It is made using 2 colour skeins of Heavy DK/Worsted weight yarn. It is knitted from the top-down with short row wedges and arrows that form a distinctive Left side/Right side mirror effect."

I've been avoiding that shawl shape in recent months, but the striping in this one is pretty cool, and I love all the variations/ideas in the featured photos.

LUCKY DAY ALERT: As part of her birthday celebration, Jimi is offering 20% off of her patterns on Ravelry with coupon code: birthday. Discount code is good through midnight BST on 19 July 2019.

2 - Tina Tse | @tina.say.knit

  • Blooming Texture Shawl. "A triangle shape shawl playing with different combination of stitches, exploring lace patterns and color textures to bring a fun experience while knitting!"

This is the type of triangular shawl that's appealed to me more of late. I love the combination of texture, stripes, and lace, and it looks amazing in two colors with a lot of contrast. But there's a low-contrast photo in the middle of the pack (which I think is possibly a b&w photo and more contrast-y in real life) that stopped me in my tracks! INSPIRED!

  • Deauville. "This relaxed top is worked from the bottom up, in the round, before separating the front and back to work the armholes and neckline. A 3-needle cast off is used to join the shoulders, so there’s no seaming involved."

In-the-round is not my favorite, so I'd have to make some changes, but I'm a sucker for stripes and this sweater looks so wearable!

  • Gradient Fade Cowl. "Colors blending in and out of each other creating new colors and possibilities, that’s what birthed the Gradient Fade Cowl. This cowl is meant for color exploration."

I really love the possibilities with this cowl, and I love wearing cowls in the winter.

3 - Noma Ndlovu | @biggerthanlife_knits

  • Black Berry Shawl. "This shawl is knit using a combination of merino singles (fingering weight) and kid mohair. The garter and lace sections are separated with mohair stripes. The shawl is an easy to knit project perfect for TV knitting and traveling."

Yes to TV/travel knitting! I've really loved long, shallow crescent shaped scarves the last couple of years and I love the possibilities with this design.

So many possibilities with this shawl, too, and an interesting overall shape!

I keep coming back to this one... cables, lace, and the styling! I don't think I've ever worn a long cowl with one loop pulled through the other like that. GENIUS! 

On one hand, I'm astounded that I've never heard of these designers nor seen their beautiful designs; and the other hand is slapping me! >>>EXACTLY<<<

I plan to make this a regular feature -- maybe once a month or so? 

Now all I need is a helluvalotta more time in my day in order to knit some of these.



perfect, Vicki - I LOVE THIS!! (and oh boy, we ALL need more time to knit ALL the things!) Also, I think Deauville knit flat would be better. Stripes work better knit flat. Happy to help with the mods - just holler!


I haven't anything anything new to my knitting queue in ages, thanks for some great recommendations.

Julia in kw

Love the festival and blackberry patterns - thank you for sharing! Favourited on ravelry!


Thanks for sharing these great patterns! I've also not heard of these designers, but I'm glad you introduced me to them. I love VESTival, Colour Clock Shawl, Protea ... Now all I need is more time also!


Thanks for this. I love Aggregate and wow, it's on sale!
I'm very glad this will be a regular feature.

Robby H.

This is a brilliant post, thanks for sharing it with us. I think Buckshot might get a try. I tend to get too hot in sweaters, but that fit might overcome that issue, plus it just looks like fun. I'd love to see this regularly.

Amy C

I love this idea. Im Always looking for new inspiration, so thanks!


Thank you for posting all of these links -- so much beauty!


I think this is an excellent idea Vicki! And, wow... so many gorgeous pieces!


So many gorgeous designs! Thanks Vicki. I had not heard of any of these designers either. Please do make this a regular feature of your blog.

I love Buckshot and Aggregate, Deauville and the Black Berry Shawl.

Kim Dean

Thank all the designers for their creativity, and you for sharing!


It IS always fun to be inspired and you have so many beautiful possibilities! It's been ages since I've look at/for anything new and exciting to knit. Thank you for introducing me to the designers and their fabulous designs!

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