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3TT: Randomly in July

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

Since last we met on a Thursday, it's (mostly) all quiet on the walnut front, the catalpa flowers are finished, and three very badly located hornet/wasp nests have been taken care of. Yahoo!

This week, I have three random things to share.

1 -- The Giraffe in My Car.


I got rid of a lot of unnecessary items when I moved from the old car to the new, but not my little giraffe. He sits in the pocket of the driver's side door. Isn't he cute? Do you have a driving companion?

2 -- MDK Waving Rib Sock.


I turned my first short-row heel on this sock the other day and, other than having to adjust my numbers due to the gauge difference, it was A PIECE OF CAKE!


You don't even have to knit the wraps. I tried it on last night and it both felt & looked GREAT!

3 -- Let's Go Shopping!


This was Ginny the other day, delivering a formal request via Snapchat video, for a shopping date with Nona and Auntie Kate! She said that she wants to shop for bracelets, pants, a shirt, more bracelets, a headband, and plants. All delivered with the sweetest little lisp. I think it might happen this weekend, with lunch. Isn't she looking grown up??



Those are 3 good random things. I bet you'll have lots of fun on that shopping trip!


Yikes! When did Gin get that BIG?? I know I've commented that all of those adorable kids are growing fast, but this? Too fast!!! I bet that will be such a fun girls day out for her when you go shopping.

Love your sock yarn - the little bits of random green are so pretty. What type of heel were you doing previously?

No driving companion for moi, but I'm getting a new car and perhaps my sloth would like to join me?


My driving companion is a plastic dinosaur that I really should retire. He gets a little more melty every summer, and I'm afraid that someday he'll just be a gooey puddle I have to scrape up. With raves like that, I have to try a short-row heel myself some day. Who could resist that sweet face and her shopping request?! I hope you find some great bracelets and plants!

Robby H.

Somehow I might have thought a giraffe would choose to hang out in a Land Rover, yet he looks incredibly happy there. I might need to check my manual, I'm unaware of any giraffe holders in my vehicle.

Note to self: Bracelets are it right now!


Grown up and completely adorable!💕


That shopping trip sounds divine! She is looking so grown up!

Caffeine Girl

I love that shopping list. Totally adorable.


oh I love your list - three thoughts: My only driving companion is Holly; she has her own padded seat next to me. Only YOU could make me want to try a short-row heel on a sock. Gin has changed so much in the last year. and I think you might need to do IG Stories to record the shopping trip!!

Sharon Macomber

my driving companion is a christmas elf....he loves being in my car year round....and Dory sits in my back window


My driving companion is Boone and I'm guessing my MDK book with show me the way for the short row heel!. Hello Gin...have a wonderful shopping trip! (My Nana and her sister Annie were big shoppers...they'd say "want to go to Boston darlin'?") There was always lunch too!


My driving companion is mostly Mylo. For awhile he did not like the car but he's a little more comfortable now. I'm thinking I need a sweet driving companion in my door, too. I think I know just the thing, a Beanie Baby schnauzer a friend gave me years ago! Gin's request has the sounds of a teenager! How do they grow so quickly!?

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