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A Day Out With Ginny

I'll let the photos do most of the talking...


You're never too young to love office supplies!


A discerning shopper.


The loot! There was a TON of stuff that was put back or never even made it into the cart... too expensive, not right now, LET'S LOOK OVER HERE...

She said, "Mommy buys me whatever I want!"

That was news to Ali.  :)


The fashionista! Not shown, new Moana underwear... because we're finally there again!!


We had lunch -- kids' meals at Culver's include a scoop of frozen custard!

She said, "Mommy always lets me eat ice cream first!"

That was also news to Ali!!  ;)


The we came home and painted nails, hands & feet were opposite colors!


This is one of my favorite photos of the day.


What a fun day!



This is the best thing I've seen all day, and probably all week! I love Gin's excitement, that sequined owl shirt, and pink skirt. (I also love her whale and narwhal dress! ) Gin is a great shopper who looks like she makes shopping fun instead of a chore.


This is the cutest post ever! She looks so excited to be shopping and I love that she tried to trick you into lots of presents and ice cream first. So fun!

Cris Bjork

This looks sooo familiar. Even the one banana and new underwear. Yes shopping can still be fun. I believe it is better called "browsing" and that is a very good thing to learn, we can all learn a lesson from that. Where better to wrap things up but Culver's, yum.

Robby H.

Oh, my! I saw these over on IG, and it was the perfect ending to my evening yesterday. I'm most definitely not a shopper, but I might be able to hang with Gin for a bit so she could help me find the sparkly clothes!

Sharon Macomber

thanks for sharing Gin is just so cute....i think ice cream first sounds great on a hot summer day!


I am dying over the "mommy lets me..." statements! What an awesome day! Her personality just shines!


What a smile inducer, Vicki! I am in love with her sparkling personality ... and that new outfit, especially the shiny shoes and the sequin top!

Karen Stokes

So much fun! And cuteness overload! You are so lucky your grands live near you. Mine are 3 hours and 5 hours away - in opposite directions.


Oh my gosh, the joy on her face is priceless! I, too, love how a Target run can make a little girl so excited without costing too much.


That face!! That outfit! The whole day must have had to beaming from ear to ear! This post should be titled "Spoiler Alert" as you just spoiled her rotten (in a good way). She's just too cute for words.


What a darling imp Gin is! I love her expressions and how her excitement shines through. Sparkly shoes and a glittery top and skirt. I love the pic of her going in the door with the Target bag on her arm. Looks like she is a born shopper!!

Susanne Scheurwater

Oh that smile is enough to melt your heart! Little girls are so wonderful up to a "certain" age...I know you know, you raised them as I did...but grands are the BEST!!!!

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