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Macro Monday Wednesday

Look what blew in...

As I left for work last Friday, I chuckled when I spotted a giant poop emoji balloon rolling around the neighborhood. That's super random, right?

Storms were predicted in our area for Saturday and, indeed, there were. They decided to close down the farmers market an hour early, and I decided that I'd better get out and run my errands before the initial wave hit.

My first weather alert -- a flash flood warning -- came at 10:49 a.m.

At 11:03, while in the drive-thru at my credit union, I received an "extreme alert" for a tornado warning! A block from home, the county warning sirens began to sound.

At home, I poured myself a bowl of cereal and thought I'd sit down and turn on the weather channel to see exactly what was happening.

Before I even turned on the TV, another tornado warning alert arrived at 11:22, and I looked outside (instead of at the TV). I exclaimed out loud, "Holy shit!"  and ran downstairs with my bowl of cereal.

A few minutes later, a wide-eyed Ali arrived with the kids, and Rod joined us a few minutes after that. He was able to button up the coffee camper, but was concerned because he hadn't been able to hitch it to his vehicle... and he had visions of it rolling end-over-end. (Thankfully, that did not happen!)

Holy cow, though! We were able to watch the action through the windows in my dye studio, and it was crazy out there -- the wind, the rain, the sideways rain!

The kids sat at the ping-pong table and enjoyed second breakfast through it all.

After the first wave passed, and we came back upstairs, I went around the house and looked out windows to assess damages, and what do I spot in the back yard from my bedroom window?


Luckily, we never lost power, and our internet was down for only a couple of hours. As we speak, one of my coworkers is still without power! Many area businesses were also without power for lengthy periods -- thankfully, the coffee shop was not one of them. It was amazing to see posts on social media from businesses not affected by the storm inviting the public to come in and enjoy their air conditioning while they charge their phones (no purchase necessary), and others offering to share their freezer & cooler space.


The trophy!! I forbade its entry to the house... "It's wet!" But mostly, I just don't want a big poop in my house, even if it's only made of plastic and smiling. We also acquired a nice soccer ball. Thankfully, the second wave was just a bit of rain.

Turns out, there were 9 14 16 confirmed tornadoes in Wisconsin between Friday & Saturday, including an EF1 (85-110 mph winds) in Central Wisconsin that left two of my aunts without power on Friday, and the EF0 (65-85 mph winds) that had us ducked into the basement. along with two others very close by at the same time.

The boys helped me clean up the yard a bit, and we decided to carry on with our plans for a quick trip up north to my uncle's cabin. We made sure our Airbnb guests were welcomed, checked in and settled (they had quite the committee with all the kids playing outside), and then Kate & I made our exit.

I'll probably post more, but this image pretty much sums it up our 36 hours in the northwoods:


It was time to head home way too quick!



Oh, my goodness! The poop-emoji balloon is just the icing on the cake (so to speak). Glad your house/family/the coffee shop/the trailer/airbnb guests are all safe and sound with no major damage - and that you were able to get up north for a bit! What a treat! (We had bad storms that are still causing major problems at our place up north. Luckily, we heard today that our cottage and boats sustained no damage -- but trees are down everywhere.) Crazy weather! XO


I'm glad the weather rolled through and much of the worst for you was a wet poop balloon! We've had intense storms here yesterday and today, and I do hope they are done soon. I wish you could have spent more than 36 hours in the northwoods - that last photo looks perfect!


I would say the look on Jun's face just kinda sums up the situation. Thanks for the chuckle. Glad everyone is safe and sound. Those storms were persistent and nasty. Guess the poop balloon was some interesting foreshadowing of the weather. The view of the northwoods was quite refreshing, thanks.


Stories like yours are always best told as memories ... with happy endings. still - YIKES! so glad y'all came through ok. and I'm proud of Junah for rescuing the balloon :-) Hope your weekend was calm and restful ... y'all needed it!


Oh my heavens! I am so glad there was no major damage to you and yours, and I love the help that neighbors do for each other - maybe we are not so far gone into our separate corners!

And, that POOP... oh man! LOL That might be the best thing ever!


Okay, the balloon thing is really funny! And that's a lot of tornados. We had 3 on Cape Cod today and a warning for the area where I work. Climate change is serious business, this is some scary shit. (see what I did there?)


Sounds scary! I am glad that you all were okay and that you were able to find some humor in the situation (that poop emoji really sums it up, doesn't it?).


Oh wow! So thankful you and yours are all ok. Going up north must have felt wonderful after that excitement (and I loved your pics on IG).

Now...the poop balloon is just too funny, but Jun in that picture looks like he had grown/matured yet again since the last shot I saw of him.

Kim Dean

Yeah, I think I'd keep the poop outside, too.

Robin F

Thank goodness you are all safe and the house and business stood strong. I find tornadoes to be scarier than hurricanes. Do you think someone is looking for their poop? How far did you have to travel to get to the cabin? Looks like it was just the relaxation you needed.

Sharon Macomber

glad you are safe, and i would not let that balloon in my house either.....

Robby H.

Clearly, the poop emoji balloon was a warning. Fortunately you did actually reach level ""EF Poop Emoji". Glad it was all mostly excitement and no real damage done.

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