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Macro Monday: Hosta time

The hostas are blooming!


Kate took this great photo on July 4th. Junah directed our fireworks show, with an assist from Ginny, and Kate was our pyromaster. They're not even the star of this photo, but the hostas (and ferns) are definitely hard to miss, and the showstopper (Blue Angel) can't even be seen from this view. The ferns are almost monstrous this year! I've never seen them so big and full.


These were taken with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9) in the front bed pictured above on Saturday when Junah was over "helping" me for a few hours. He essentially watched me pull weeds in the back yard for :05, declared it boring, and went up to the house and occupied himself with an old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle car (missing pieces but still intriguing and fun) that we found at the antique mall, aka Nancy's. It's super fun going to the antique mall with him! He's getting to know the lay of the land, his favorite booths, the "shortcuts," and it's fun to see what catches his eye. Nancy lives just down the street from me and she gets a kick out of it, too.

I hope you had a great holiday and a wonderful weekend. I have been knitting, sewing, dying over all of the Revolutionary War airport memes, and celebrating a Women's World Cup victory!!



Great fireworks photo! And good macro photos, too. Sounds like your weekend was a good one.


I have never laughed so hard as I did over those airport jokes... but those women! AWESOME!!

Great photos!!


Great photos and sounds like such a nice weekend. The airport...LOL

Robin F

Love the pix. My hosta plants never bloomed. I'm with Junah, weeding is boring!


Aw, I love that Junah "knows" the antique mall. What a fun thing for y'all to do together. and oh my - I don't know how I missed the Revolutionary War Airport thing ... what a hoot!! thanks for the Monday morning smiles ... I needed it!


Of course you would teach Junah all about the antique mall! What a fun thing for you two to share. He's going to have a really good eye as time goes by. Your hostas always amaze me. I'm only aspiring to grow great hostas.


I love Junah! What a fun kiddo! :-) Your hostas and ferns are just gorgeous. Mine are huge and just thriving this year, too . . . all that rain . . . XO

Robby H.

Wonderful photos, as always. I had no idea hostas could get that big, perhaps because around here the are limited to whatever water someone gives them.


Your fireworks look like fun, and your photos are simply gorgeous! I enjoy my own ferns and hostas, but they look really striking in your macro photos!

Caffeine Girl

This hot, rainy weather is great for the hostas. I think they are going to take over our whole yard. I really should have divided them in the spring!

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