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Macro Monday: So Sew!

I had the day off of work today! I prefer my 3-day weekends to be Fri-Sun instead of Sat-Mon... but I guess I'll take what I can get.

I didn't want to, but I mowed the lawn this morning. Yesterday would have been a much better day for it, but I was otherwise occupied... Kate & I had our shopping/lunch date with Ginny. I know a few of you saw my IG stories about that. She was a HOOT! I'll do a separate little post about it.

I also had a meeting with the house painter this morning.

Otherwise, I've been sewing! I cut all the pieces for the girls' dresses and have been sewing a little bit each day. Plus I hemmed a pair of jeans for Kate last night. I finished Malina's (except for a button) this afternoon. I thought some sewing-related macro shots would be appropriate.


I bought a new machine a few months ago, and I've finally gotten around to actually sewing something. It's a Baby Lock Jubilant. There's a bit of a learning curve, as it has quite a few more features than my old Husqvarna -- I have to look up how to do every single thing -- but I like it so far and it has some great features, such as self-threading and a drop-in bobbin under a see-through plate. I have wound a bobbin and threaded the machine once or twice now without having to look it up, so that's progress!


Nice, even stitches. The machine has a speed control, so if it's on SLOW, it'll only go so fast (or slow, heh) no matter how hard I step on the pedal. That'll be great if & when the kids want to learn to sew. I can also forego the pedal altogether and just use a start/stop button... but that seems so weird!


I used one of the overlock stitches to finish the edges of the flutter sleeves. It's so cool to be able to do that!


I sewed one of those sleeves three times in order to get the flutter placed in the correct position, right-side up. Ugh! The sewing directions were similar to the ones you see in sewing where you knit a thing and then they tell you to knit another one but reversing the shaping, or whatever. Yeah.


Ginny's should go a bit quicker, now that I've done it once and know what to look out for. The pattern is Violette Field Threads' Ruthie. I might actually do a strip of velcro where the button should go because this is a size 2 (the smallest available) and Malina is a bit shy of that and also not a super-pudge like her brother & sister were! Or maybe one buttonhole and two buttons.



the macro shots are fine, but I LOVE the FO's of Malina's dress! I think I had that Ralph Lauren print on the comforter and dust ruffle in my first married bedroom :-) I like it much better as a dress for your littles now! (and did I see bow tie for Junah, too?)


LOVE the sewing macro shots! (And, those little dresses are darling!!)

But, mowing the lawn... boo!


That is just beautiful! I don't always see the potential in fabrics or other things, but you have a real eye for transforming sheets and curtains into something wonderful! I'm glad you're conquering the learning curve and I can't wait to see these modeled.

Robin Fr

A new machine!!! I've not seen it yet. Is it computerized? Self threading-yay great for old eyes. The dress is gorgeous. Love all the macro shots.


Love the macro shot. Love the dress more!!! Gorgeous Vicki. As Bonny says, you have the eye for transforming things. We must have modeled pics when both dresses (and Jun's tie and vest) are complete.


The foot alone looks so different than my 1970s model Bernina--much more advanced. Great shot. I can't help but be reminded of the darling little dresses my mom made for me (and my sisters). The dress is so sweet and the fabrics well chosen! Pictures of the three kiddos dressed in g-ma's creations will be well worth the wait.


That dress is SO adorable and makes me long for a granddaughter some day! Cool macro shots, too.


I cannot wait to see those three lined up (or squished together and quickly photographed!) in their matching finery! And that macro shot is great!

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