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Random Friday

Macro Monday Wednesday

In addition to heightened hoopla on the weekend, I was technically on vacation on Monday and completely forgot about Macro Monday.

I spotted this on my way to the car this morning:


Happy Wednesday! I'm working, which is not usual for a Wednesday, but still getting that "hump day" vibe and looking forward to the weekend (already)!



Great picture!! (Though, I'll admit I'm not very fond of spiders at all...)


What Vera said! The light in that photo is really great, too.


This is the best Macro Monday Wednesday photo ever! (Really, it's simply a great picture any day of the week!)

Cris Bjork

Beautiful. Always good to appreciate another's fiber works.


I agree with Bonny! This is the best Macro Monday photo EVER. I love finding spider webs -- but one with a spider IN it is a huge bonus!!! :-)


oooh ... what an awesome web! I hope she has time to finish it!


Great web photo! What a busy Charlotte (as my kids called all spiders who built such magnificent webs!)


I'm always amazed by spider webs, and this one is particularly gorgeous. Great shot!

Robin F

Great pic of a pretty web. I'm surprised there aren't any victims in it.

Robby H.

And I'm seeing this on Friday, so the circle is complete. Totally worth the wait for this great shot! Happy Weekend!

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