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Mother + Artist (and more)

Kate & I hopped in the car on Friday afternoon and drove over to Algoma for the opening of a show at James May Gallery.

Mother + Artist

This exhibition includes women who are both artists and mothers. Although all the work may not specifically be about experiences in motherhood, each participant manages some degree of an art career while also mothering. Featured are women who dedicate a significant focus to the creation, promotion, and exhibition of their work with multiple works by each artist making up the exhibition.

Featuring work by:  Amy Soczka, Katie Martin Meurer, Maria Amalia Wood, Jamie Lea Bertsch, Kendra Bulgrin, Megan Woodard Johnson, and Mindy Sue Wittock


Amy Soczka
Suspension v.2
Hand-cut Paper, 72" x 24" x 36"

This is amazing to see in the gallery. My thoughts also quickly turned to stenciling and sewing! (It can't be helped.)


Maria Amalia Wood
Una Linea de Tiempo (A Line of Time)
91 Wood Bobbins Wrapped With Handmade Paper Made With My Grandmother's Robe, Bed Linens, and Other Personal Fabric Remnants


Mindy Sue Wittock

^ ^ ^

The Mother + Artist show was at the "North" gallery, we also stepped around the corner to the original space.


Tiffany Bailey
Quilted Barns
Porcelain and colored slip, 23" x 21-1/2" x 1"



Kim Eichler-Messmer
Cotton Fabric Naturally [Dyed] With Black Walnuts, Marigolds, and Weld
51" x 51"

^ ^ ^

I had my sock!


I've made progress since this photo was taken on Friday! It's my re-do, this time using MDK Field Guide No. 11 - WanderlustI'm bucking trend and reworking the numbers to accommodate my worsted weight yarn, and using the "Waving Rib" panel pattern. I don't believe I've ever worked a short-row heel before, and that's next... as soon as I do the maths.

^ ^ ^


In other news, Maddy Mo is taking the midnight train to northern Australia to work at a hotel/resort for a few months! More adventure!!

And this just in:


I didn't even know how much I wanted this when we started five months ago, but here we are! I got the email this morning (wasn't expecting to hear for another week). It's such a crazy thing... so much work, but so rewarding and fun. We had our first honeymooners last weekend -- musicians/students, I think, from the Milwaukee area. I was reminded of when Rusty & I got married, we were so poor, and had a similar getaway -- we made the most of it! Anyway, guests are booked for the next three weekends (so you know what I'm doing for a few hours on my days off), and I'm looking forward to a "break" in August when we have someone renting for the whole month! And in September, our first international guest -- also an Airbnb host -- on holiday from Australia!



Congratulations on your Superhost status! It sounds like you've achieved this in a short time, but I bet that's due to all the work you've put in. Since I'm nowhere near Algoma, I appreciate your sharing the Mother + Artist exhibition. Uninterrupted time is hard to come by as a mother, and there are some really interesting works shown here. Wishing Maddy the best on her next adventure!


That exhibit is really beautiful and especially the quilts. Congrats on your Superhost achievement!


Good for you on unlocking the Superhost achievement! WOOOO!

But wow... the artwork! I am blown away!

Caffeine Girl

I have to admit that I'm surprised to see so much great art in Algoma! We've driven through there a number of times on our way to Door County, and I never thought to look for galleries. Now I know better.
Congratulation on your Superhost designation! Since I'm traveling alone in Europe this summer, I looked for Superhosts!


I had no doubt you'd be a Superhost! You're made for it!
The gallery show is proof that craft is art! Every artist has a unique perspective and the executions are exquisite. Thank you for sharing the show with us!


Gosh! There is SO MUCH in this post! Your rental is just so beautiful and with all the work you put into it, I am not surprised at your Superhost status - Congratulations! I bet it will be nice to have someone renting for an entire month and so cool someone from Australia after that.

The gallery exhibit looks wonderful. That paper cutting is amazing, isn't it? And it made me think of stencils too. Those spools wrapped in fabric remnants, it all is just so good.

And Maddy! That girl is on another adventure. Is she blogging this time?


Love, love, love the artwork!!!! (Bet you can tell which is my favorite. . . ) And I'm so excited about your SUPERHOST status. That must mean you really ARE the hostess-with-the-mostess!!! (Remember when you didn't think anyone would stay???) That Maddy! She does have the most wonderful adventures! (And now, of course, I've got Gladys and her Pips in my head. . . ) XO


so much GOOD STUFF, Vicki! the spools from the art exhibition made me tear up, love that you're doing "maths" on socks ;-) and really excited for Maddy's next adventure. ALSO congratulations on your Airbnb success!


Thank-you for the tour of the exhibit! Fascinating. I know where I'm staying when I come to Wisconsin!!! :-)

Robin F

I wanted to walk around the gallery some more The paper cut art and the spools held my attention and touched my heart. Super Host!! You don't do anything halfway! Love the sock's yarn. Maddy is such a go getter. Hope she enjoys her next adventure.

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