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I spotted the loveliest, softly colored clouds in the sky when I opened the blinds this morning.


_ _ _ _ _

Kate & I were getting the apartment ready yesterday for the current guests and, from that vantage point, noticed a few twisted & broken branches HIGH up in the trees. We'll never be able to reach them! There are plenty of branches and twigs in the yard, and our push mower is very sensitive, so yard clean-up is high on my weekend to-do list. The house painters have finished with their part, so the coast is clear (and the house looks nice even if some of the shrubbery does not).

Both our previous and current Airbnb guests are here, in part, for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. This is the 50th year in Oshkosh, and I'm pretty sure my dad took us to the very first one. He had a small plane when I was very little, and occasionally rented a plane on weekends when we were older... I can say that I "flew" a plane!

Anyway, before our previous guests arrived, I added a few albums to the current selection. It's an eclectic musical mix up there, from Men At Work to The 5th Dimension to Eurythmics, and...


I never noticed which Frank Sinatra album I added to the pile, but couldn't miss it, front & center, as I was leaving yesterday. COME FLY WITH MEHow appropriate, and what a happy coincidence!

These folks will leave on Sunday, and then I have a few days to prepare for our month-long tenants arriving on Thursday. I am really looking forward to that "break." I'll launder the towels & linens once a week, but I'm otherwise off the hook until Labor Day. Then we have our guests from Australia, and then it's football season! The apartment is booked for all the Packers' home games, which reminds me, Training Camp has begun and the sweetest tradition in pro football continues. What a thrill for those kids!


My little city is looking at purchasing some new holiday decorations and have a display of snowflake options on the poles in a downtown cul de sac, and we can go online and vote! I noticed them the other night (and voted).

_ _ _ _ _

My house feels like it's in utter disarray. Busy life + visitors + Airbnb guests + vacating for a weekend + right back to work = MAYHEM. I feel like stuff just got stacked and shifted whenever it was time to eat or the Bananagrams and cribbage board came out. I did keep up with dishes, so there's that. Ha. The kids pulled out all sorts of blankets and pillows to make a fort... and I'm missing one of my favorite chair pillows and the shawl I wrap 'round my shoulders in the evening. I really need to tidy up and get my house back! So, in addition to yard & garden clean up this weekend, the house is also high on the list... as is sewing! I need to get back to Ginny's dress and Junah's vest for their upcoming photo shoot. Gin's should go pretty quickly because it's already cut out. I haven't touched my Alabama Chanin stuff in a week, either.

Wish me luck with all that, eh? And... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!



Your Airbnb has been so successful, and I'm glad it continues to be well into fall! I know it's been a lot of work, but you make it look (almost) easy. There is just something about seeing snowflake decorations in July - these are kind of pretty and I think they make me feel cooler! Hope your weekend is as productive as you'd like it to be!


Here's to a productive and restful weekend! I hope once you have things in order again you will start to feel more in order.

Robby H.

I love that you get to vote on the Christmas decorations! How fun, and to do it when it's shirtsleeve weather is an extra bonus. Happy weekend!


Sometimes, insanity reigns... and I say go with all the good. The house, the yard, and all that kind of stuff will be there - but the days are numbered for all the good thing... and you have so many good things! XOXO


I love how awesome your AirBnB rental has turned out and the vintage records are a great addition to the apartment. Even though it will stink to take time away from relaxing to get the house back in order, once you do it everything else will be more enjoyable.


You'll truly be able to relax when the house is back to as it should be and you can find your shawl and pillow. Hope the weather is cool enough to keep you from keeling over from yard clean up. Your AirBnB has been amazingly successful. I have a friend in Maine who is going to do the same and I'll let her know about your experience. The snowflakes remind me of the decor my town had when I was a kid! They're my favorite! If you want something done as a busy woman. You embody that, Vicki!


I can live in a messy house for just so long and then I need order - it makes me feel more relaxed even if I don't like the time it takes from other things - like reading, knitting, walking, writing etc. The snowflakes are lovely. I hope your weekend was a success.


You! Can! Do! It! :-) Two different pilots from our town went this past weekend to big they never even saw each other!

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