Macro Monday: 1st of July!
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Unraveled Wednesday: Oops!

It's been rainy, it's been hot, my back yard is like a jungle, and my entire city was steaming this morning.


This was the the view from the end of the driveway... I wish I could have taken more photos along the way, it was even thicker in some areas, and the air was so still and HEAVY... I could barely breathe.

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Joining Kat & the Unravelers today!


I discovered last night, as I reached the point where I'd start the heel flap, that the sock I'm knitting for an adult... is not going to fit an adult. Somehow I screwed up my numbers. So I'm going to start over... literal unraveling will be happening this evening.

And, as long as I'm starting over, I'm going to take my inspiration from the latest MDK Field Guide No. 11 - Wanderlust! I'm not sure exactly how or what, but I'll have plenty of time to think about that as I'm... unraveling and rewinding. Heh.


There has been little progress except for adding to the TBR pile. Joining Lincoln in the Bardo, two books have been added to my Audible queue in the past week:

I loved listening to Marcus Samuelsson's memoir, Yes, Chef, so I thought "Our Harlem" would be a good one (plus food & drink recipes!).

"My Grandmother's Hands," is... timely right now.

The Summer Walkers is still on my nightstand, with The Bright Hour in the wings, thanks to Bonny's recent rating/recommendation.


Thankfully, there's been a change in the photo shoot schedule, so I don't have to rush with the kids' outfits.


I stopped at Joann's yesterday, anyway, and will have some time to test my theory... or come up with another plan!

Meanwhile, I'd recently picked up a few things for the kids at rummage sales, including this top for Malina:


AWESOME, isn't it? When I was folding the laundry load, I had an A-HA moment and realized exactly WHY this top was so awesome:


Very Alabama Chanin-esque, wouldn't you say?? I guess my subconscious is in tune. Haha!

As of 4:00 there are 4 days ahead and who knows what will happen... well, if you're in the USA, you know that fireworks will happen! I may or may not pop in, so...

Have a great weekend!



It's pretty soupy here, too, with soupier to come with thunderstorms predicted for the next four days. But it looks like you've got plenty planned for fun, creativity, and distraction from the stickiness. That Awesome shirt is awesome and AC-esque; I thought you might have already stitched the E, S, and O!


The humidity is insane. Really - it is hard to like it, even trying super hard!

I can't wait to see what socks you pick! Have a great LONG weekend!


It is really hot here, but no rain. We have thunderstorms off and on in the forecast, but who knows if they'll amount to anything. That is a very cute top for Malina. I really need some new reading material. I've been re-reading a couple of things I've read several times. Time to find something new!
Happy 4th.


I'm off for 4 days, too, hooray! Enjoy your time, I'm sure you'll make the most of it.


The shirt is wonderful...and Yes! very Alabama Chanin-esque! Thanks for the book recommendation! Downloaded into my Audible library...Somehow I missed that I could have Alexa "read" to us...which is great.
Enjoy the weekend!


That shirt is great! I’ve got 4 days too...let’s live it up! XO


I can't even imagine that humidity! Today our humidity is HIGH! 40% due to unexpected rain showers. By tomorrow we'll be back to single digits. Happy 4th, Vicki! Hope you all had a cracking good time!


I'll be anxious to see which sock pattern you choose. You have interesting books on your list. Thanks for some new ideas.


oohhh, I love the mood from that top photo (but I hear ya about the heavy air ... ) and very cool to see the appliqué, cut-outs and embroidery on that little top - AC inspiration is everywhere!

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