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Unraveled Wednesday: I finished a book!

3TT: Or more

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

Actually, more than three things... and, as you shall see, with just a few more than three (out of 77) I'm practicing INCREDIBLE restraint!

Thing 1:


Yep, a picture is worth 1000 words. (More accurately, it's PRICELESS!)

(Also, I've noticed that his teeth are getting spaced out... I'm sure it's a ways off, but there's a milestone a'coming!)

Thing 2:


She had her moments, too, eventually taking up her brother's baton, but until then... utter sweetness.

Thing 3:


Pure delight.

A few more:


A good photographer? Also priceless!! We are all amazed at the magic of Mary from Fox Valley Birth and Baby! Mary also took an award-winning photo of Ali & Rod during the birth of Malina, which I think I shared here but maybe not? It's HERE > scroll down to "1st Place Color - Mary Nieland from Fox Valley Birth and Baby." And yes! The pillowcases are Ralph Lauren "Allison" -- the same design used for the kids' outfits! (Also rare and approaching priceless?!!)



What wonderful, wonderful photos! Oh, she has just captured your family at this particular moment in time in such a REAL and beautiful way. These shots will be treasured FOREVER. So much love. XO


These photos are so awesome Vicki! (And getting lost in those birth photos too!) What a wonderful family you've got there my friend!


Oh my! What WONDERFUL pictures. Your family (you are included, of course) is so beautiful Vicki. what love in these photos...and fun! Loved seeing the birth photo again.


The photos are wonderful and the family priceless!


She did an amazing job of capturing the spunkiness (is that a word?) of those sweet kiddos! (The adults, too, but they're easier!)


I follow Fox Valley on instagram and the photos are always moving and beautiful. These are FABULOUS, Vicki! So much fun and love and joy captured.


The.Best.Photos! Oh my those kiddo faces... I do not know them, but they are so brilliantly expressive!


Thank you for sharing all the love and family with us, Vicki! A fantastic photographer is for sure a good thing, but having the people and the connections. that's the priceless part!

Robby H.

I can only imagine the restraint you're showing with such fabulous pictures. Those are some of the most adorable pics of Ginny I can recall, and that first one of Jun... um, words fail.


Junah totally cracks me up! The family photos ARE priceless because the etch the lovely day together, the love of your family for each other, and your love for them into your memory.

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